Shield Recharge Delay and Aegis/Wards

If ISIC’s shield is down, does blocking with the Energy Aegis keep the shield recharge delay timer from resetting? My understanding of the shield mechanism is that if the shield has gone down, then the shield recharge delay timer must expire before the shield will begin to recharge. If any damage is taken, then the timer resets, and you have to wait all over again. However, if the Energy Aegis takes the damage, then does the timer continue uninterrupted? Is this the same with the Wards?

No for Aegis🙂
Yes for Wards

So there really is little benefit to taking either shield recharge or shield recharge delay improvements? You have to get out of the fight completely before your shield will begin recharging, so the only benefit of improving these stats will be to get you back into the fight a few seconds sooner.

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No there’s still benefit to it. You’ll rotate between Aegis and Rotating Wards to keep your regular shield up which protects your health (I prefer Executive Insurance Policy to add an overshield to all this). If/when your regular shield goes down then Aegis and rotating wards are there to help you til you get to cover.

THIS is where they come in handy. Instead of keeping you out of battle for 5 or 6 seconds, you’ll only have to pop behind the wall for 1 or 2 seconds then right back at it. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of help, but if you’re taking that much damage then I assume the other team is pushing and you being out of the battlefield for 3 or 4 extra seconds definitely is a big deal.

I typically run a cheap shield recharge delay, epic skill damage w/max shield, and Executive Insurance Policy (Max Shield+bonus shards+Gain an overshield for 8 seconds after your shield charges to full)

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1000 hp isn’t a lot to get through for a large slow target. A few seconds can be life or death

Im sure if you block dmg, like dont get hit your shield starts to recharge.

Could be wrong… Could be that ppl stop shooting at me.

I knew there was a reason I never used aegis… this confirms my gut instinct.

It seems to me that you have to get out of fire before the recharge rate and recharge delay can be of any help, so it would be better to use the limited slots on shield, health, and damage reduction to enable you to withstand fire longer in order to better escape or eliminate the threat. Does damage reduction get applied to the Wards and Aegis?

Only Aegis
It doesn’t effect the wards


Depending on how expensive you wanna run


In regards to the Aegis, then yes, taking damage by blocking with your Aegis will prevent your shield from recharging.

But if your wards take damage, then your shield will continue to recharge regardless.

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