Shield recharge delay reduction not working

I use all Moze skills to reduce the shield recharge delay and still the time does not shorten.
I have measured it with a stopwatch no difference between the times. Also the guard Rank 75 for reduction at low HP does not work. Does anyone also have the problem?

What skills are you specced into?

3x Behind the iron cutain
-10.29% delay Guardian rank bonus
Rank 75 Guardian Shield skill
Deathless Artefakt with -25% delay

What shield are you using, and what are its stats?

The Transformer
10697 Shield
4,8 delay
1179 recharge

I also tested it with other shields but there was never any difference or improvement.

Is your class mod affecting your Recharge Delay in any way? If not, then I’m not sure why you aren’t getting these benefits.

I don’t think that my classmode effect this in any way…its the the legendary bloodletter classmode…

I have tried almost everything but I get despite all these skills only the 4.8 sec which are indicated on the shield.
Have you tested your PS4 version to see if it works? Because with the number of my skills it should become clearly shorter.

I don’t have the game yet at all, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with that.

No problem :slight_smile:

Would be good if someone could test it again to see if only I have the bug or if there are problems in general.

Does recharge rate work properly? Do you get an improvement in any shield’s recharge rate when using bonuses?

Perhaps neither delay nor rate are correctly affected by mods, skills, or earned ranks.

Hard to tell if the recharge rate is working properly. My shield is charging much faster than indicated on the shield, so there should already be a boost.
However, with the 4,8sec delay it is really strong to notice that something is wrong…

The recharge delay bonus might be applied to the recharge rate. A shield with a very low recharge rate might be easier to test with a stopwatch.

We don’t know the formula for a 30% reduction in delay in BL3. It could be in the denominator as it was in BL2:

1/(1+0.3) = 0.77
So a 10s delay would be modified to 7.7s

or maybe it’s simple:

1-0.3 = 0.7
So a 10s delay would be modified to 7s.

Or a comical decimal error, 0.30% instead of 30%.

1/(1+0.003) = 0.997

This would be a nearly undetectable effect for a nominal 4.8s delay when testing with a stopwatch.

Very good points.
I measured the delay again with a 5.8 sec shield and no change.
The wrong decimal place would be a good possibility where the error could be.
Then the error would have to occur also with other people.
Would be nice if somebody would test the ingame.

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