Shield recharge delay

Does anyone know exactly how long the unaltered shield recharge delay is in battleborn?
It would be an easy test to find out, but I’m away from my Xbox right now.
Also does anyone know the max stat for a shield recharge delay reduction item?

I’d still really like to know these answers if anyone knows them (specifically how long it takes for shield recharge to begin)

Main stat increase: -1.05 seconds
Secondary stat increase: -0.63 seconds

I don’t know what the base delay is on shields, but I too would like to know. I just don’t feel like testing it.

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Dang… I was hoping that max state would hit 1.5 or even 2.
So the most you can squeeze out of these items (if you stack them) is about a 2.5 second reduction.
I’m just considering a fun build and was curious what I should be shooting for.
I already have an item with 1.05, but the secondary stat is random and irrelevant.

There’s a legendary called Time Killer drops from first mini boss in The Saboteur

Has -shield delay as a secondary stat (can’t remember max roll) and then -0.X shield delay while all your skills are on cooldown

Just throwing it out there

Wait wait wait.
So it has two shield delay stats, but it’s not a promary shield delay item?
So I can have a shield selah primary item with 2 shield delay stats, that item with 2 shield delay stats, and a 3rd item with 1 shield delay state.

That would be awesome for the build I’m thinking

Yup time killer primary stat is cooldown time

Mine is:

-6.95% cooldown time
-0.63 shield delay
-1.0 shield delay while all skills on cooldown

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I’m getting this item for this build…
Thanks a ton for the tip

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  • Base Shield recharge delay is 5 seconds.
  • Recharge Delay can get up to -1.05s (major) / -0.63s (minor) as gear rolls. (Just like @khimerakiller said.)

According to a Reddit discussion I read just now. Didn’t test it myself yet.

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The Saboteur kill the thrall supervisor after first defense core he drops the Time Killer

5 seconds.
Alright. Thanks a ton man. That’s the answer I’ve waiting to here.
I’m hoping with the right gear I can get that close to two seconds, we’ll see. Thanks again.