Shieldology 101 w/ Gaige

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #1

So… something’s been bothering me a lot as I’m playing through my other Gaige playthrough. Namely, what shield (of common types, that is) to use. I fully understand the concept of her being a complete shield tanker – that is, shields up at all times – and it’s lent me to using primarily high-capacity shields; in this case, mostly Turtle Shields. Also have been experimenting with Adaptives, and a few Novas/Spikes as well.

So for those of you far wiser than I, let me humbly ask… “what’s a brutha supposed to do?” I’m about legitimately confused as I am months ago about all of this, really. =|

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #2

As long as you are killing things BSS will keep your shields up, for Badasses and Bosses try to go with a Bee; for Shamfleeting well a sham; Blockade is also like a turtle without a health penalty plus damage resistance paired with MoSS is decent; Evolution and Antagonist is also in my backpack just in case i need elemental and bullet reflection, respectively.

If you are building a shock Gaige, a Blockhole is a good choice.

If you are into Deathtrap, a Hide/Love, Flame is a better choice. (just switch to others shield after you summon deathtrap, if you like).

If there is an immunity on the shield try to farm for an Alkaline since Myeli and Moss will give you resistance already to shock and fire dot’s, respectively.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #3

While leveling just go for a Turtle shield with BSS.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #4

I have an overleveled shock spike shield that I use to great effect with her (some sweet purple Maliwan thing) with a bunch of points in the Little Big Trouble tree. Face-tanking Stalkers with it is quite fun (though having a kill up is recommended for Unstoppable Force and Evil Enchantress to enhance the shock (and fire from Electrical Burn).

Amp shields are great… if the Bee wasn’t over powered (or you wanted amp damage without such a fragile shield), they are good for sniping, since as long as you get one-hit kills, you’ll automatically have full amp damage on the next shot.


With BSS, nova shields are a fantastic choice - Black Hole being the most obvious. I’d look for Tediore, Hyperion and/or Maliwan parts. They all lower the shield’s capacity (so it can break faster) and increase nova damage (increasing kill chance and resetting it).

The Antagonist is another favourite to use with I/O to improve slag chance so she doesn’t have to swap so much. I prefer Anshin parts for increased capacity but still decent deflection chance.

(Carlton Slayer) #6

Guess it might depend on if you want the shield for Gaige or for DT. If Gaige don’t overlook The Transformer shield, especially in a LBT build but an Antagonist or Blockade would be excellent. if DT Love Thumper, FotF or any decent melee shield (hope for a Hide, settle for a Punchee :rofl:).

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #7

Funny enough, I do roll a Black Hole on the Elementalist Gaige. As far as I know though it doesn’t come with either T, H, or M parts so I’ll need to melt either the Foreman and Tinder Snowflake for that variant (also side question: are the H parts the one that cause the Grounded prefix to appear?).


Maliwan gives elemental resistance.

A possibly helpful guide :

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #9


And just reading it has me on the farm for another Black Hole - hopefully one with that sweet Maliwan capacitor.