Shields and elemental resistances

I’m at work and inable to check for myself ATM, and would like expert feedback anyway.

If a shield has an elemental resistance prefix (Alkaline, Grounded, Inflammable, and why not Blastproof too):

  • Is that 100% resistance to DoT of that type, or some lesser %?

  • Is that resistance active when the shield is broken?

  • If yes to the second question, does the shield resistance have any impact on the damage type modifier for incoming damage, or only for DoT/status effect damage?

  • Do adaptive shields continue to provide resistance, and to update resisted element, when broken?


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100%. Blast proof gives less (don’t know how much) since explosive doesn’t have a DoT, and protects to any kind of incoming explosive damage.


Not sure, never noticed. My assumption would be it follows the usual regardless of the shield’s resistance.

I don’t think so. I’ve once used one when constantly shot by a Badass Loader, whittling the shield down by small amount each shot, but when the shield broke, I took full damage and immediately activated health gate.


Super answers, and much as I expected. Most importantly, that shields with prefix resistance (save Blastproof) continue to provide 100% resistance to their element even when broken. Now THAT is good stuff.

Big help! Thanks much!


blastproof shields only reduce eplosions around the 25% i think. but not sure. anyway very low


My guess is that Blast Proof won’t protect you from the base impact damage (of course, just like with the other elements) but it negates the explosive splash damage. I could be wrong… just kinda guessing! When I take a Harold to Oney for example, I see damage being done to him, but also see RESIST pop up which I am assuming is the splash damage being resisted by him, and I’m just assuming Blast Proof shields have the same mechanic.

Edit: hmm hadn’t considered “pure splash” weapons. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a KerBlaster against Oney, I may go do some experiments on him later. :wink:

Edit2: did some quick and dirty testing… it looks like Oney ends up taking 1/2 what the damage on the item card says, but I had my BAR on and Axton’s skills were active and such so the numbers might be fudged a bit. KerBlaster damages him, direct or not. If a KerBlaster does 500,000 on the card, he takes about 250,000 from the projectile (disregarding the grenade the KerBlaster releases) as opposed to other enemies taking almost a million and a half because of all the extra splash (“deals extra explosive damage”). He takes about 3 million from a 6 million damage Nukem. He has some complex damage-reduction formula depending on the explosive weapon hitting him I guess.
Anyway, I now don’t think he has the same mechanics as a Blast Proof shield because those shields don’t seem to perform as well as Oney does, heh.

(Edit3: for my troubles Oney dropped a Judge and Wot dropped an underleveled Emperor while I was on my way to Oney. ;))


Hmm, I never considered it. Have to be tested.