Shields dont scale to mayhem? WHY?

shields such as messy breakup dont scale and are 100% worthless
, comon pls just be consistent once…
there are many shields that deal damage
same for artifacts and even classmods to some degree

shields also break rly rly fast now, i as moze can oneshot my own shield with a single shot, greetings from big boy rockets vladof launchers…

artifacts and other things that have a base scaling dont do anything since a mesly 1k dmg is nothing

just let them scale… i mean how did you ppl forget this AGAIN
first you forgot this on introduction, then this time again… i mean at some point its a joke.

Enemy damage doesn’t increase with Mayhem levels, just their health. That’s why they didn’t scale shields. Shields that deal damage should have had that effect buffed.

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Only shields that do damage should have the damage buffed. If the health and shield numbers were buffed then enemy damage would need to be buffed, that would cause a shift in what is viable and what isn’t. Then you are basically playing BL2 OP8 again with only a small handful of weapons and items being useful.

They don’t need to scale shield capacity but it would be really nice if spikes, novas and everything else did scale. If I could, I would definitely be using the Void Rift with my Zane. Also would love to be able to use the Black Hole/Frozen Heart on Amara.

thats more a problem of how the mayhem in total works
some shields only reason to exist is that its a big shield, shields need an overhaul as how they work and scale.
some shields should be WAAAY bigger
some effects need buffed rly hard

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Shield capacity not scaling was intentional the aim is to only make enemies tankier in Mayhem after all.
I will however agree that shield damage perks not scaling is an oversight.

At a glance, the Black Hole, Firewall, Frozen Heart, Frozen Snowshoe, Impaler, Messy Breakup, Nova Berner, Re-Charge Berner, Rectifier, Red Card, Red Card Re-Charger, Red Suit, Scream of Terror, Shooting Star, Torch, Void Rift, Wattson and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot will all not be functioning as they should be - and that’s only in the legendary pool.

Then we have to think about ones like the Rico which reflects damage towards enemies. When the amount of damage we receive remains constant then so will the amount of damage reflected but the enemy health has gone up.

Lol Moze is the exact reason they do not scale. With the new shield anointment and skills its pretty common to look down and see 500K+ shields on moze. Damn near unkillable till I shoot myself. And even when I do down myself who cares you get instantly back up because all mobs are wet noodles now.

yeah but thats an entirely different beast, the rico and even transformer are more gimmick shields
they dont need any scaling higher then lvl since they have a constant stat that does something,
this stat also does not scale,
the roll changes that

so i already dont think about these

but stuff such as the mess breakup are rly cool, if they would scale.
at lvl 50 and even to some degree mayhem 3-4 it was fun having these,
the messy breakup does good damage and offers a decent shield plus resistance
perfect for shock for example, you have a passiv shieldbreaker on you,
or whatever gives you trouble.

however where it also matters if its higher lvl or not is rolls on classmods and artifacts,
some artifacts do a fixed damage, and all of them come with bonus stats scaling to lvl,
i would at least let artifacts roll and classmods come with annointments that do rly special ■■■■
like a artifact annoint which directly influences a bonus, like slam gets treated as actionskill start, so it can trigger actionskill end abilities, would be dope as an annoint for zane or moze

or make the animation of melee or slam faster. anything to make these artifacts scale better.

but thats a different conversation anyway.

point is
many other things should also scale
and i am not even sure if annointments scale with mayhem such as spykes and other things.

if artifact scale then it will create omega level of power creep lol . just imagine mag size +175% Increase

Unfortunately, on the recent Bordercast, a dev himself showed they do not believe shields should be scaled and gave a long, uneducated reason why, completely forgetting the ones that do damage. Make no mistake, in their minds it is intentional and not an oversight.

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thats not how it scales but whatever
the increase would be way minor there,
its more about some things going up 5% over 10 lvls

but most importantly fixed damages for explosive or bonus damage. i m not sure anymore which one but some have this where they deal a fixed amount of bonus damage.

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i am not suprised they said this. the ppl there dont think futher then GUNS

the recent dlc doesnt have a new classmod for the hunters, doesnt have endgame activities

and no the breach that is a broken MESS doesnt count. that is FREE endgame ■■■■
i PAYED for this dlc,
not even old school raidboss like eista… who was kinda ■■■■. but still there.

somehow the dlcs feel disconected to anything else, they dont get bonus ■■■■, no proving grounds nothing.

they forgot to think about any other gear other then guns not once but several times.
even reduced it down again from pre sequel.
thats a problem they have in the deep dive of game design.

i mean i wanted to fight hyperion bots ONLY in a proving grounds
ONLY dlc 2 -3 mobs

i wanted stacking bosses with reworked mechanics how to stack them. the old they must kill other ■■■■ idea sucks
vermi was cool, some minigame to get them stacked like

a bot that collects scrap as you kill other bots and eventually becomes an invinceble
they didnt rly think about this
its just

I think everyone agrees it’s fair for capacity not to scale. It’s other things which are problematic. Look above, and you will see a whole host of legendary shields which exist to add to your damage but that damage does not scale for Mayhem levels at all so they are basically defunct until Gearbox looks at them.

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doesn’t matter , it wont happen any time soon

this is sadly true
gearbox needs months to adress ■■■■, then it comes out 3 ways
its broken strong and gets nerfed till its useless
it comes out okay and is forgotten fairly fast since they fk the game up at some other patch
or its ■■■■ and it takes forever to fix it again

mayhemis just the example to give

if they stop listen to those so called “Hardcore” player then everything will turn out ok .

they are just a type of people who spend a tons of time in the game. borderlands isnt really a game that take a lot of skill anyway,

thats true
the thing they dont seem to understand is
95% ( my guess) of ppl who have this game dont spend 10-30 hours to get one piece of gear with 100% perfect rolls and annoint, go to the next , and once finished witht he build throw it away cuz lvl increase or nerf or mayhem hit

most ppl do this like once or twice and stop
i like how these ppl who play all day every single day AS THEIR JOBS the game
come out with, the raid aint that hard if you have 50 hours to spend on absolute godrolls.
ppl with x5 on a specific skill on classmods and say
yes this is op
NO ■■■■

i on the other hand farm 10 hours and then say fk it.
i tried to get a redline once
after 6 hours of farming and not a single one i gave up. in the entire lifetime of this game i havent seen a redline, and i rly tried.
sadly i cant do it with the time i got.
and when i get one… it will have to be a good one or i wont get one for a long time,
meaning good annoints, and so on.

this is a thing they assume you do. cuz every player is a youtuber who playtests this game for them 24/7

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using their terms “Right build right character right guns right annoint Optimized build” , it pretty much translate into whats the current meta build .

And people say , i can solo true takedown blah blah. but in the end only the hp scaled to 4 player difficulty, which mean again, the better the item the more damage ur doing so the true takedown wasnt really a challenge, more of a gear check.

idk why people say redline super rare , during guaranteed rare spawn event i got quite a few redline, i had 1 with 165% splash dropped for me but at the time i traded for other stuff , the gun isnt doing good damage anyway just look a bit cool

i had to work during that event, so sadly for me i got fked.
some ppl arent youtubers and streamers who can do this all day.

during the halloween and cartel events, my game broke so hard that it froze my entire pc.
during the cartel event moze entirely bugged, ( my main character) and zane during large splash damage gun use

and in halloween i only had a moze and the game froze every 10 minute due to this.
just to say how broken this game is and how unforgiving some things are.