Shields, grenades, classmods, at max level (69)

Do these items not really scale “properly” after level 50?

Shields scale alright, class mods cannot(legitly) be past level 55, and no clue on grenade mods since I don’t use them much.

Grenade damage does scale up to 69. I don’t know what you mean by “properly” though.

Well. In Borderlands 2 and TPS, grenades are worth using for lots of reasons. They do enough damage, have very useful effects like slag/ice/singularity and there are unique versions to acquire.

In Borderlands 1, they barely seem to do enough damage, the only useful effect I ever want to use is transfusion, and there are no unique ones to get.

In any case, the question/answer is more like this:

At levels 1 - 20, do grenades do more damage than they do at level 69 relative to the enemies you’re fighting?

Take a level 20 grenade mod. Throw a grenade at a level 20 bandit. Let’s say it takes half his health. Take a level 67 grenade. Throw it at a level 67 bandit. Does it take half his health?

I know that my transfusion grenades can kill 2 regular enemies. (like bandits)
I have only noticed this after I became lvl 69 and I was like ‘F yea, I think the nade mods just got stronger’

But that’s just a hunch. They might have been this effective all along, or even more effective. But it feels to me like they are définitely strong enough. It feels balanced to me. Every time I see a little hideout I throw in a transfusion, spray some fire around and watch them all burn to death while they’re trying to reach me. Lots of fun xD

I never use anything other then the transfusion btw as they kick ass. Others might suck at that level.

Oh yeah I just remembered mine do about 212 dmg while the entire second half of PT2 (incl DLC) they were between 120 and 180 or so. Then suddenly @ lvl 69 they jumped to 212. So that’s why they felt more useful all of a sudden. Instead of only using them to heal I now also use them for the damage they do.

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