Shields: how much is too much?

So I finally hit 50 on my Moze character and was able to equip my deathless artifact. It’s late so not going to play around with it now but I’m wondering if anyone has worked out if there is a tipping point where shields are overkill or is more always better? I now have 36k shield which seems like overkill but maybe it’s not?

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When I played around with the Bloodletter class mod, sadly without a Deathless relic, my experience was that regardless of the ridiculous amount of shields I built up, TVHM Captain Traunt would still one-shot me. So put my vote down for “you can never have too much shield”…

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Played with one shield pretty much the entire game thus far… The Transformer. It’s lovely.

It’s nearly a must have to be honnest, the 40% bullet absorb is awesome, the fact it recharge on electrical damage instead of getting obliterated seem pretty much obligatory too

Transformer paired with the likes of the Alchemist yield a very naughty combo.

Agree and disagree, it only make the Alchemist worth using. I mean the weapon could do said additionnal electrical damage without draining your shield to begin with, and still would be a second rate weapon.

Really? I love it man… funny thing is it was sitting in my inventory forever and I never bothered with it. I ran the transformer, mod with 31% assault damage and relic with assault damage and was amazed at how quickly it melted bosses. I love crit shooting so with this guns accuracy, at least for me it’s amazing with my FL4k. Back onto shields…the only other I’ve tried was the one that protects from attacks from behind( can’t recall name) but wasn’t impressed.

The back ham. That’s a Typhon Deleon themed shield.

If you run Moze, another shield that’s interesting to run is the one that drop booster that refund 60% of shield and refund heavy amno. You need to micro manage those boosters though

Oh right I forgot the boosters get picked up automatically now correct?

Yeah, but you need to walk over them, the pick up range is short

Trasformer muat be one of the best out there, at least for me. Im using one on my crit flak and it works wonder

My highest shield so far is 37K and thats gone within 2 seconds so I doubt very much that 50k is “too much” or if that is even possible. You will never be able to face-tank whole groups of badasses because the incoming damage is simply too high to counter by virtue of shield strength alone.

People right now overcome by evasive movement, relying on auto-tracking weapons, constant overhealing (grenade spam is simply insane) and thrown in crowd control to disrupt or negate the incoming torrent of damage. And in many cases builds simply kill too fast to enable enemies to even generate any kind of noticable damage output.

I have started to use grenade spam Moze with an unoptimized build of my own making, simply picking what I “liked” instead of mathematical reasoning. It enhanced my tanking capabilities but it didnt make me immune or the game boring and it still took me considerable time and ammunition to kill harder enemies all thew while chugging grenades. It was a new approach and refreshing but it drove ONE THING home very clearly.

You are not invincible. Stand there and try to compensate incoming damage by grenade heal alone…those 37k are gone in a blink and you are scrambling for cover or looking for a second wind target.

I have then looked up and copied established “OP builds” which pretty much diminsh how I want to play the game but my kill speed has gone up by a factor of 3 or 4 and all of a sudden I receive less damage because of it.


So no, 50K shield certainly is not enough or too much. Go as high as you can without dipping or reducing your own damage output.


Where did you get the deathless aritifact? Haven’t gotten it yet and have a lot of hours in the game, granted only at mayhem 1 on my level 50 FL4K.

Where’d you pick up the transformer at? Some of these extra cool items I never seem to get.

both items are world drops so it comes down to chance. If you manage M1 you can probably go M2 easily as well. Its my go-to difficulty that allows me to pretty much ignore modifiers. M3 has still too much of an impact.

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I was thinking about moving up to M2 but I’ve been a bit chicken about the whole thing. I’ll give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen besides multiple deaths and draining my bank account, hahahahaha!!! Thanks for the tip.

The Transformer’s a weird one in that it’s a world drop and also a mission reward for the It’s Alive mission located in Desolation’s Edge.

@MTB_Fritz Thanks for the info. That’s sort of what I was wondering. I’m not following a particular build either but I assume it’s fairly standard. Using bottomless mag capstone and SoR tree for max shields. Focusing on Moze damage as opposed to IB. I have a transformer shield, deathless artifact and a bloodletter that also puts 2 points into TRL so my TRL is 5/3 which boosts my shields a lot.

Was just wondering if putting a couple of those points into more damage specific skills would be better but sounds like I will have to play with it and see how fast I die vs. how fast I can kill. I been using TRL with only 20k shields for a while and it’s doable so 36k seems like a lot. I’m also using a lot of shock weapons to help keep my shields up including a shock damage Quasar nade. Hopefully the bloodletter + shock damage works well together.

from my understanding get a transformer and a handsome jackhammer, make sure you throw it at the enemy and that should just keep refiling your shields. or so i have heard, i don’t play moz3e but i have seen videos about it.

Have an extra Transformer if you’d like. Send friend request.

PSN: Adam jaz

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