Shields Mine layer and Cloak

Question about shields, mine layers, and cloak. With the official balance update(has anything been done to them in RM) are these three techs used more in multi player?

I have always felt like they all needed a longevity buff to make more useful.

As far as I remember, cloaking is still not functioning as requested. Minelayers, for the homeworld 1 races at least, do not work any where close to what they should.

Cloaking will still disengage when a ship is in battle, a single cloaked fighter can still cloak ally ships if close enough. Minelayers will not drop mines when given orders to attack an enemy ship, and will not drop mines correctly when in squad or formation with more than one included.

When you say shields, are you referring to the magnetic and defense fields? They work pretty well and can be tailored to your liking via mods, however the defense fighter has a magnetic field, which is not how they were designed back in hw1.

In the current state of the game, these features need to be cleaned up a bit, especially the cloaking and mine laying abilities.

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