Shields, Relics and Class mods

Will not scale to M10 due to making game to easy

Just stated on bordercast today.

Enemy damage is the same on all mayhem levels

But class mods are getting an additional roll - Action Skill Damage (from what I understand anyway)

Yeah getting perks kind of

I thought that shields like rectifier and co would need a strong damage buff just like grenades.

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I have an amp shield that does 100% on break

I’ll trigger it and get an amp for 220% stacked onto the pearl.

You can boost your damage as is atm

I’m not surprised but there are some shields that do damage. That seems to make them worthless on higher Mayhem levels.


So, Nova and Spike shields are basically an abandoned concept now? I mean I didn’t expect additional capacity, just that shields actually do damage and don’t just waste a stat roll if they have spike or Nova parts on them.

The enemy damage is one thing we have long known (or at least it was public knowledge) and it’s one of my biggest complaints as Mayhem Mode does not really up the difficulty, it only slows down the pace of fights by making enemies tankier.

My idea was to give enemies additional 5-10% damage per Mayhem level, so 50-100% more damage on Mayhem 10 than on Mayhem 0. But I guess actual difficulty isn’t in the cards for now.

Edit: Also, the level cap increase is now official. Level 60 it is then.


Hopefully the buff the added damage effects but not capacity.

They can level it at no mayhem

They have been abandoned since start,…

Cold Warrior mod is too OP apparently also.
(ticks of damage in the hundreds lol)

Some reason I am not even surprised by this decision.

Edit to add: This is exactly why scaling is stupid and should have been left alone like M4.


The thing is that they could just lower the scaling of Mayhem Mode and item scaling wouldn’t be needed, but on the other hand the incentive to play on high Mayhem levels wouldn’t really be there either.

In my opinion they should have given those parts of shields that end up inflicting damage a scaling similar to the weapon scaling and at the same time increase the base damage of those parts as they were pretty mediocre to begin with. In normal mode a Nova from a Nova shield should be able to kill any non-badass enemy and spikes should do the same in 2 instances of damage. If you roll 2 Nova parts even a badass should take considerable damage, at least in normal mode. On Mayhem 10, a solid Nova shield, like the Black Hole for example, should eat through the shield of a normal enemy and should take off at least a third of the shield of a badass. But as they are now, Nova shields are worthless for the most part and if they have their uses it’s usually due to another legendary effect, like a guaranteed freeze or a singularity effect.

DoT’s as a whole are basically in the same spot they were in BL2 and that is not a compliment at all (although yeah, on some weapons they are alright). And don’t get me started on the class mods that inflict DoT’s, it’s absolutely pitiful.

But let’s be hopeful that the new Guardian Rank perks and melee, action skill and pet scaling do actually solve the issues we were having so far. I can’t remember the last time I killed an enemy with a Phaseslam, at least not on Mayhem Mode.


Can anyone summarize what have been discussed in the bordercast?

I too would like to read summary.
The only thing I have gathered is a GBX dev does not fully understand his game and refuses to scale the damage a shield is supposed to use to offset it’s lower capacity…against enemies that have much greater HP/Shields/Armor

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sent to me by a friend

Find Yourself a New Ace in the Hole! Level Cap Is Being Raised to 60.
The level cap for all Borderlands 3 players, regardless of game edition, is being raised from 57 to 60. With these new levels come 3 new skill points to further progress your Vault Hunters build. Spend yours wisely!

Break the Knot and Break the Mould. Guardian Rank Is Being Improved!
Three new Guardian Rank Talents are being added, one stationed in each Guardian Rank tree, all unlockable with your Guardian Tokens.

The three talents being added are as follows:
• Groundbreaker: Melee/Slam triggers an aftershock dealing 25% of all non-melee damage dealt in the last 5 seconds!
• Lead or Alive: All weapons reloaded when you enter FFYL!
• Dead Man Walking: Not moving in FFYL drains the meter 50% slower!

Reminder: What does Mayhem Fine-Tuning Phase 2 Contain?
• Chests, vending machines, mail rewards and quest rewards will scale with Mayhem Levels.
• Grenade mods will drop as pieces of Mayhem Gear like weapons.
• Non-weapon damage types will be scaled to Mayhem including Action Skill damage (IB, Pets, etc.), Melee/Slam/Slide damage and Vehicle damage.
• Action skill damage added as a bonus to class mods.
• Further anointment balancing looking at all anointments.


Thanks! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I understand that shield capacity should not scale, but they should have scaled the damage done by shields:

Shields which do damage

  • Back Ham (reflect damage)
  • Black Hole (nova damage)
  • Deluxe Badass Combustor (nova damage)
  • Firewall (reflect damage)
  • Frozen Heart (nova damage)
  • Frozen Snowshoe (nova damage)
  • Impaler (spike damage)
  • Messy Breakup (drone damage)
  • Nova Berner (nova damage)
  • Re-Charge Berner (nova damage)
  • Rectifier (proximity damage)
  • Red Card (capacity damage on slide)
  • Red Card Re-Charger (capacity damage on slide)
  • Red Suit (proximity damage)
  • Rico (reflect damage)
  • Scream of Terror (nova damage)
  • Shooting Star (spike damage)
  • Stinger (nova damage)
  • Torch (spike damage)
  • Void Rift (nova and spike damage)
  • Wattson (spike damage)
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (spike damage)

Shield anointments which do damage

  • After Phasegrasping an enemy, fire Terror skulls at the grasped target dealing 3718 (level 50) damage.
  • After reloading, consume all Terror and create a nova that does cryo damage.
  • On action skill end, 30% of damage taken is returned to the attacker for a short while.
  • On shield break, the next shot deals 100% shield capacity as bonus Amp damage.
  • When exiting Fade Away, create a nova that does 37380 (level 57) damage.
  • When entering and exiting Iron Bear, create a nova that does 37380 (level 57) damage.
  • While an action skill is active, 250% of health damage is returned to the attacker as shock damage.

This is a large number of items and item anointments which will be underwhelming until their damage scales with Mayhem.

EDIT: I initially did not list Red Card and Red Card Re-Charger because their damage might be improved by slide damage scaling. I added them just in case this is not true.


The only thing on this list that still works is Frozen Heart.
But it’s not for the purpose of damage.
A one-of-a-kind performance with 100% freezing ability and lifesteal in addition to the vast Nova range Because there are

But the other stuff doesn’t have that.
You have to scale the damage to appeal to the player.
If you don’t, you’ll stay in the trash forever.

Groundbreaker sounds juicy. Finishing move! Shame it will be unusable on my Moze. But Amara will have a field day… again :slight_smile:


It might be groundbreaking.

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I find it odd that damage doesn’t scale with Mayhem Level (MHL). I had assumed it did, as hidden modifiers similar to the old M3. It sure feels like I’m taking way more damage on M10 as opposed to M5. But I guess taking longer to kill an enemy means it’s doing more damage to you. Add more baddies and it stacks up.

Still, it seems like the damage should have increased. They could have added a very small increase, tied to MHL, then if they want to change it later, it’s already coded in. And it would allow the damaging shields to scale properly.

And everybody keep in mind a dev himself stated shields do not need to scale as enemy damage does not scale. It sure did not take the people who actually play the game realize the flaws in their thinking.
This is a large reason there are so many problems with MH2.0

Not to mention Randy himself asking about the benefit of testing things?