Shields that drop boosters are now awesome

Autopick-up is now enabled for shield boosters and I have a re-charger that drops both health and shield boosters.

Needless to say that this change was amazing


Really? now this make them useful. Having to pick the damn booster was a terrible decision.

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Yep, it was hidden in the bug-fixes catagory for the latest hotfix

Neat. Thanks for the heads up.

As always they nerf a ■■■■ ton of stuff and put in 1 nice fix

There’s more than just autopick-up for shield boosters that was good in the 10/17 hotfix.

The maggie notably is actually good now, the westergun is a very viable option for mobbing now, the infinity is also usable now, the conference call isn’t a complete waste anymore, and others got buffed as well.

No. You’re awesome fellow beta tester.


Wait, they are awesome now!? nerf in next hotfix confrimed.


I am still not sure why that’s a good thing in the long run. I get that people (especially solo players or people about unlucky enough to suffer horid lag from sll those boosters) hated picking up the boosters due to this game’s readability.

However they were useful to the whole team as everybody could easily pick up the boosters so it always felt like (in every Bl game) that the manual pick-up was there for balance reasons, but it seems like it is less likely for others to also use the boosters if the wearer auto-picks up all the ones around them. Of course we won’t know for sure until several co-op players use them after this patch.

Also as those affects stack quite a bit with some shields, I would not be surprised to see some sort of balance change coming. I can see them either making it so there is a limit to their stacks, or a longer cooldown between affects, or just lowering the percentages on most booster affects. They may have already taken that into account and are already looking into it. Of course I could be wrong and boosters aren’t actually as useful as they were in previous games and I just assumed they are, so they wouldn’t need much of a re-balance which could make my observations mainly pointless.

Not sure about co-op, I always play solo. But for solo play autopick-up of boosters is a huge help for me and makes them worth having on a shield.

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besides the delay from picking up the boosters, i hated them because the info bubble would block my vision.

so this eliminates both :grin:

Except if these shields were meant specifically for solo players then the boosters wiuld be auto-applied and not dropped. I am not arguing that it makes them more useful for solo players who have a hard time picking them up (which I agree we all did) or thought it was bad because they ignore that this is a co-op game. I am sure they are amazing in that case and am glad it makes them more useful for you.

However as it changes how they will be used in co-op (and this specific Bl seems more balanced aeound co-op) that is what my response focused on. Again I am glad it makes them more useful for solo-play but what about co-op. Also if they are now really great shields in either solo or co-op then it makes it even more likely that they will be re-balanced.

I have this shield:

I liked manual pick up because I could use Heavy Weapons and pick up the booster ammo as needed. Now I just suck them all up and waste potential Heavy Ammo.

Then again, it drops ammo so often that I could have 3 Hoovers sucking them up and there would still be lots of them laying around.

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Everything is Awesome!!!

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This has made the MSRC Auto Dispensary useless. You just end up picking up both pills and they cancel each other out.

I was wondering about this. To fair, that item is more of a novelty for leveling, but still.

I just re-rolled and equipped this shield, then got the update notice. So after the update I was like, “Herp, this can’t be working as intended” then came over and saw auto booster pick up and understood what was happening.

They’re definitely better now, but they nerfed the amount of health and shields they restore to compensate for the auto pickup.

Exactly. I have had concerns since people started demanding booster shields be auto-pickup.

I love the auto pick up. It’s pretty cool and I don’t mind having a bit of a nerf in exchange. But I thought for sure they would go for something more middle of the road, like making the beams higher. They were almost comically small compared to other items like ammo.

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