Shift Account Concern

I could not find any info about this on the forum, so if anyone has posted or answered about this I am sorry (also I am new to the forum, so please, lead me to the source if any).

If someone logs into his or her SHIFT account on a platform (aka EGS) and then buys the game on STEAM; ¿could the same SHIFT account be used on STEAM too to unlock the reward skins and all that jazz (mainly referring to reward skins really) 6 months later? ¿Or would that person have to make a new SHIFT account for EGS and then use his or her main/first SHIFT account on STEAM (or viceversa)?

EDIT: Also even tho I didn’t specify as I’m in the B3 forums, I was talking ofc about the SHIFT account use on the upcoming B3 game.

Thanks in advance.

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There’s a few things we still don’t know about how copies of BL3 purchased through EGS and Steam will actually work on PC. I’ll pass this question on to the community manager; hopefully more details will come out before launch.


I see. Thanks for the quick answer, I will stay tuned.

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I was assuming you log in with your existing (BL2) shift account. And that it doesn’t matter if it’s Epic, Steam or Stadia (which this game will be available on November, think).

I guess it depends on how it’s set up. With BL2, you had separate codes - and saves - for XBox, PS, and Steam. The new updated shift system you can have one code and redeem on your choice of platform. Again with BL2, if you’d redeemed a code on 360 the only way to get that item on XB1 was to upload/download your save file. Not sure what’s going to happen on PC with the new system and 2 or 3 different platforms.

If I unlock the reward for BL3 on epic.Will those redeemed item appear in the game I purchase on steam?

Why buying the game two times?

Because of LOVE!!!