Shift account help

How does one remove shift account linked to ps4/psn? I have created a new shift account and I want to link it to my ps4/psn.

On the ‘gaming platform’ page you can link and unlink everything.

You may need to unlink the old account first.

I tried to but when I attempt to sign in via psn account, I get an error.

Is psn option just not available for shift?

PSN should be linkable to SHIFT. If you’re getting an error, it would be helpful to know what the actual message is. I suspect it may be something to do with trying to change the link from one PSN account to another.

You can get official support for SHIFT by opening a support ticket - make sure you select SHIFT as the game and game issue.

Using if I attempt to sign in with psn account, it loads up the sign up page as if to make a new account. If I login using shift account and go into the page to link/unlink platforms for psn I get “There was an error in the authorization process. Please try again later”. I’ve been trying for a week, can’t seem to unlink old account to which I won’t be able to link new account.

You’d better file a support ticket then. Only GBX SHIFT support can access the information they’d need to figure out what’s going on.

Filed a support then. Hopefully my issue would be resolved. Thanks for the help.