SHiFT account is not working for the VIP program

Hey guys,

I hope you can help me. I even made a forums account :smiley:

I tried to recover the SHiFT account I used for all my BL games. I managed to find the correct email, reset the password and (re-)confirmed my email address. I can log in and have connected my EPIC :nauseated_face: account to my SHiFT account now. But when I try to use it to log in to the VIP program it says that I need to be logged in into SHiFT which I am and when I try to log in using the data I use to log in to my regular SHiFT account it say that an error occured…
I want extra stuff, too :sob:

Best regards!

You’ll need to contact SHIFT support directly by filling a support ticket. Use ‘Other’ for game and ‘SHIFT’ for game issue.

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Thanks for the instant help :smiley: I just tried that now. Let’s see if it’s succesful. Wouldn’t have found that on my own, I think

@VaultHunter101 Sorry to revive a dead post but I am having the issue where I can’t link my epic games account to my SHiFT account it gives me the error “This platform ID is associated with another account” though I have never ever linked my epic games account to anything before. Already made a support ticket about it but perhaps you know how or why. This also brings issues for me trying to work with the VIP program for rewards etc.

It’s an odd one, and I’m not sure why that would happen. Occasionally it’s a side effect of using the wrong email when you try to link/sign in. I’ve heard one report of an auto-sign using a different account id causing issues (user had a different platform account signed in on the same browser.). You can also run into issues if multiple users are sharing a computer or console and don’t fully sign out between sessions.

That said, only the shift support folks can help with that stuff - although the forums use SHIFT as the single sign-on, moderators don’t have access to that information.

Alrght, thanks a lot for the info. I’ll wait on a response of my ticket to see where my journey is headed next. Take care!