Shift account log in trouble

I’m having trouble logging onto my shift account in game. Every time I try it loads for a minute or so then says "connection failed please check your network cables and configuration. My network is fine and brand new setup I might add. As you can imagine this is very frustrating especially since none of my friends are having this problem Please help resolve this ASAP

I would try reinstalling steam, it might help, or it could just be a steam server problem

I don’t have a steam account

Steam doesn’t interfere with Shift connectivity. You could set Steam to offline mode and you’d still be able to connect to Shift.

It may be a router issue, do you have all the ports open that you need for the game to work in MP?

sorry should have read closer. Pickles is probably right, probably a router issue. Maybe a router firm ware update might help.

What system? If console, make sure your NAT isn’t Strict. It needs to be Open for everything to be happiest. You should create a static IP address for your system, and there are some ports you need to forward to that address, or (the way worse alternative is to) create a DMZ for that address. Google “NAT strict XBL”, if on Xbox, or something similar for PSN. I think the PS3 uses different terminology, like numbered levels of access? Not sure. You’ll find sites with detailed instructions for how to accomplish this on your router.