Shift alias on BL2

Hi, I’ve reinstalled BL2 today via steam and got the pop-up about my Shift name to update.

I naturally wrote what I’d been using for years, “SpicyHiro”, and was rewarded with “Display name may not contain profanity or abusive language”.

I get the Politically correct stuff, but even though I’m French I fail to understand how on Earth “Spicy”, “Hiro”, or the both of them combined could possibly fall into either profanity nor abusive language.

Please don’t leave me with “PimentHiro” as an alias on Pandora. Any help will be welcome!

I don’t know either, but then I’m a blessed innocent when it comes to these things. :dukewhistle: The SHIFT name filter is a work in progress, so you could try asking for assistance directly by filing a support ticket and using SHIFT for both the game and issue.

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Thanks, I’ll try it out!

Edit: Gearbox Support asked me to register with a new password… Thought it was the same website? Huh. Is that weird?