SHiFT and user names

Guess I have to put this here SMH !!!
Game is Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure

Now waiting for ban… because some how the last half of my user name is profanity or abusive language.

This account goes back to the original xbox 360 launches. Now I am trying to play the new tiny tina’s on epic games and I need a SHiFT account well this one won’t allow me because it has already been used. Anything with the word “Ashtroph” is also now being flagged as profanity and or abusive language for some reason.

Can this community give me some clue on how after 20+yrs of using this screen name across 100’s of games why it has became flagged. Because I am dumb founded here. As I even know “Monster” isn’t flagged as my oldest just made his shift account with that in it. My XBL account is 15yrs strong right now with LunarAshtroph, PS about 3yrs, Nintendo 12yrs.

So glad I got this game for free because it has been a huge let down. I would be requesting a refund on it.

Screen caps…

Edit: I did open a support ticket as well.

You are not the only person to have fallen foul of the user name profanity filter, unfortunately. I can’t help you with why it doesn’t like your user name - not seeing anything obvious.

You have two possible courses of action:

  • Change your SHIFT display name to something else (doesn’t require changing any of your platform names)
  • Leave it and file a support ticket requesting that the your user name be allowed

My guess is a mal-formed Regex is actually the culprit - we saw that with the bad word filter on the forums when we first switched to Discourse.