Shift and VIP reward redemption issues (Master Thread)

Is anyone having an issue with getting an item from VIP to your account? Used 4000 pts to get an item from the sanctuary dlc and it never came through? !?!


I have the same Problem. I used 4000 pts to get the conference call, but i dont get it until now.


Me too. Spent 4000 points on a Retainer shield yesterday, it shows as redeemed on my VIP profile, but when load I up Borderlands 2 in THC and go to SHIFT in Extras, it does not appear there nor does it appear in my inventory when I start the game…

That’s what i purchased

You have to go to the main screen of Xbox and close the game it will reboot and give you the items I had the same happen to me and when I finally did that I had like 200 golden keys and my weapons in inventory

Unfortunately I’m on ps4…lol tryed closing the program multiple times shutting the system down. Got a shift code to work and keys to come through but no item

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I always make sure to shut down my games and not leave them running in the background. Also just tried a full console restart… same issue. Points spent, redeemed on VIP profile, but not showing up in the in-game EXTRAS>SHIFT or inventory.

Finding various posts of people reporting this around the internet but nobody actually posting a solution… Reeeaaally want to get this sorted. Don’t want to keep spending points if the same thing might happen, and would be crushed if my BL3 rewards did the same thing when that comes out…

on Xbox One, btw


All you can do if a reboot/restart doesn’t connect is to file a support ticket.

There is a delay between VIP and SHIFT systems because they are separate and don’t sync instantaneously. I don’t know what the problem in getting the items into the game from there is, but as you mention it’s happened to a lot of people on all platforms (there are multiple threads here as well as the TPS, BL2 and BL3 sections, for example). It may well be a situation made worse if the game is in standby or sleep mode when the systems sync.


Thanks for the reply. Guess I’ll give it til tomorrow and submit a ticket if it’s still missing

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Same here😊

I’ve been trying for the past two days and my stuff isn’t showing up either. How do I submit a ticket?

Use this link: support ticket

I will do the same. Because i have the same problems and i tried the same stuff, but it still doesn‘t work. Thx for the help,

Hello, I bought an Ogre yesterday for 4000pts. It has not appeared in my inventory yet. I bought other guns before and didn’t have any problems. Should I just wait for the gun to show up?

What system are you playing on?

Xbox One

A lot of people on the consoles are having this problem. Best thing to do is shut the game down completely (so it’s not running in the background,) then completely power cycle your Xbox One (a full Shutdown in Energy Saving Mode, then a restart) and relaunch the game.

Some forum members have then found that their VIP loot showed up. :sunglasses:

I’m on a PS4 and bought a Norfleet for BL2 yesterday morning (8/28/19). I’ve restarted my system a few times since than and it’s still not showing up for my lvl 80 Gaige. The really frustrating part is that I want to level up other characters, but I don’t want to load, play, or even touch one of my lower level characters in case the Norfleet shows up in their inventory instead of my lvl 80. If it’s on one of my lower lvl characters it’ll be useless after out growing it. :frowning:

This is happening to me too on XB1, but oddly enough i did get a ‘welcome to shift’ thing come through giving 1 golden key but no VIP weapons :thinking: ive been using shift for ages :joy:

Same thing here for ps4 handsome collection. Hellfire shows up on insider site but not in game. All previous weapons have showed up no prob.