Shift and VIP reward redemption issues (Master Thread)

I have the same problem in PS4, change the vip points for 2 items (Fastball grenade and Harold Pistol) yesterday 29 for the B2 and are not yet reflected in the inventory…

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I play on ps4 and have used insider points to purchase the hellfire for my ps4 version of thc. That weapon hasn’t shown up in a week. I’ve restarted the system and checked to make sure I’m linked. It’s listed on the website as purchased but won’t show up in game in inventory or listed as a shift reward. Any ideas?

Thread merged and moved to HC General since this is not restricted to one platform. At this time, all I can do is suggest filing a support ticket. The moderators have also forwarded this issue to the community manager.

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So I just redeemed 4 guns for Borderlands 2 4000 points each from the VIP website and I checked on PS4 after and I have not received the guns yet. If anyone can help me get any information about anything for this because I don’t know if I will get the 4 guns later or not or if its just a glitch and I will never get my guns.

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have you checked the shift codes menu in the ps4 to see if it is there?

Hey So the other day i bought 2 weapons for BL2 on the borderlands website with the points but the never went onto my account on psn and it still took the 8k points how can i retrieve these weapons



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It’s been a few hours since I redeemed a Norfleet, but it’s not being given to me. Everything is linked properly, I’ve received all previous redeemed weapons.


Same here, claimed points to get the lyuda and the bee but so far they are not showing up in game or in the shift page. Been over 4 hours.

There can be a bit of a time-lag between the VIP site and the SHIFT ecosystem - a delay of up to 24 hours doesn’t seem uncommon right now. If they don’t show up in your game/SHIFT rewards after a couple of days, you’ll want to file a support ticket


Oh ok cheers man appreciate ya help

Threads merged.

  • If the item doesn’t yet show up in your in-game shift rewards list, it hasn’t been sync’d from the VIP site yet - please give it a bit longer (process seems to be slow right now, so give it at least 24 hours)
  • If the item is in your in-game shift rewards list, and quitting/signing out of your platform account/signing in/relaunching doesn’t fix it, you will need to file a support ticket (who are also apparently getting quite a bit of traffic right now - and please ignore the bolier-plate ‘check out the forums’ auto-reply!)

Yeah this is happening to me, as well. I just submitted a ticket to Gearbox.

I noticed that even though the reward history is showing on the BL VIP page, when I checked my SHiFT account (online, from a web browser), the activity isn’t showing up there, yet, either (you can check under ‘Rewards’ from the left-side navigation menu).


My understanding is that they are physically separate systems, which is why the SHIFT rewards page doesn’t update immediately - sounds like updates are run batch-wise.

I sort of figured it was something like that - but after not seeing the VIP items after almost 20 hours, I was hoping to get some Gearbox / SHiFT eyes on it by adding to the comments! I’m trying to get through normal mode as fast as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

yea dude

If your not getting your reward items you will have to clear your cache unfortunatly PS4 doesn’t have a cache per se so you will need to completly power down the console for at least 10 seconds. Worked for me try it.

There are also options such as removing and reinstalling just the game (not save) files, or deleting local saves if cloud sync is on then restoring from cloud. Which may or may not trigger an update, but I suspect that they’re all part of the standard support trouble-shooting script (much like the XB1 equivalents are if you contact MS support.)

So, I’m having some trouble with Shift codes, I redeemed a lot of them and according to my profile on Shift I should have a ton of them. But when I go in-game, I don’t see any but 1 code. I brought this to support, got a ticket, they asked for my Steam ID, my Shift ID, etc, I gave them that, all the codes that I used. The person helping me then proceeded to ask me the error message I received when redeeming them. I tried to explain they were already redeemed and just weren’t showing up. But for some reason he keeps asking for screenshots of each code on the site that’s not working, 16 screenshots as he asked for which, to me, seems excessive… I don’t know which codes aren’t working because they’re all saying they’re redeemed on my Shift account. What in the world is he asking for?

I don’t understand how screenshots of the codes on a website will be any different from giving them the list of them I used in an email. I already redeemed the codes, so what exactly is he looking for? There’s no error message, they couldn’t be expired, and they were all redeemed on Shifts site, for my Steam account, which all the keys in my profile are listed under a Steam profile.

Am I seriously missing something here, or am I just not getting good help?

You’re mentioning “SHIFT VIP codes” but these are actually two different things. SHIFT codes are the 5x5 alphanumeric ones, while VIP codes are pretty much just straight text. Which exactly is it you’re trying to redeem, and on which site (url)?

It’s the 5x5 codes, I’m redeeming them on

The ones that are straight text have been working fine for me. It’s strictly the golden key ones that seem to be glitching out.

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