SHiFT authentication problems

(Marvin C. Connell) #1

Good day…

I have not been able to use SHiFT functions with Borderlands THC on my PS4 since launch…

On the main menu screen I continually see an 'Authenticating with Gearbox Software SHiFT - Please wait…" message, & up to this time, it hasn’t logged in…

Please help(I need them SHiFT codes - lol)…

(Influencer Guy) #2

Hi @PDXooo-

Just wanted to let you know that the team is investigating the issue with SHiFT authentication and as soon as we have some news, we’ll pass it along immediately! Thanks for your patience and sorry for the hiccups! :slight_smile:

(Marvin C. Connell) #3

No need to apologize…

Thank you(soo Much)for responding…

I’ll be properly distracted - whilst on Elpis - while I wait… =]

(Influencer Guy) #4

Not at all! No apology necessary. We all take our games seriously, man! :smile: Feel free to keep me posted on your status.

(Marvin C. Connell) #5

WOW - that was FAST!!! =D

Everything was fine when I loaded the game to play after dinner… #NICE


(Influencer Guy) #6


(Marvin C. Connell) #7



It’s giving problems again… =\

PS: HOPE I didn’t lose what I’ve redeemed… O.O

(Influencer Guy) #8

I wouldn’t worry too much, I actually just had some trouble with SHiFT myself! Maybe try again later and if the issue persists, just file a support ticket (if you haven’t yet) and we’ll get you taken care of!

(The Gasca101) #9

I too am having trouble with the same thing. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

(Tragic83) #10

I’ve the Same problem as well. Please fix it for me. I’ve been playing since ps3 launch… verrrrry loyal customer… working on my plat for tps :slight_smile: .thank you Very much for your time.

(Chefdominick) #11

Same here, wont link up

(Marvin C. Connell) #12

At the moment, it comes & goes…

I got to collect my keys this am, but since then I’ve been stuck authenticating…

(Cabel Raw) #13

I haven’t been able to connect since I picked it up Tuesday. Must be a larger problem.

(DarthSliver) #14

yeah it will work on Borderlands 2 but TPS just doesn’t see the account connection nor will it let me log in to my shift account to get it to work.

(Influencer Guy) #15

Hey guys- just a little update: the team has been discussing this particular issue in detail today and are working hard on it. Thank you guys so much for your patience. As soon as there is any news, we’ll let you know!

(Not what you think) #16

Thanks for the message, been having probs on PS4 PreSequel all evening not wanting to connect, BL2 no problems there. Just PreSequel

(Evo4g63t) #17

I had the same problem, closing the application and relaunching bl2 worked.

I could be wrong but it might be associated with putting the ps4 in rest mode, resuming and trying to connect from there.

(Mob1420kxiv) #18

same here cant get my keys

(krodasinivek) #19

same here 1:08am pst…gonzrojo on ps4 can someone let me know when it might be working again. thx

(stoneyiomi) #20

Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. I can’t get either game to authenticate. Guess I’ll just keep scrounging for loot in the meantime!