SHiFT authentication problems

(Dawigz0729) #21

I am having a similar strange issue. Last night I was stuck at the authorization screen, now when I try to log in I get an error saying I already have an account and I cannot be associated with more than one account… I know I have an account… that’s why I am signing in… Please Help!

(Jtcd421) #22

I’m having the same issue as dawigz0729. Trying to sign into my SHIFT on PS4 and it says I already have a profile associated with this gearbox software shift account and you cannot be associated with more than one. Does this have anything to do with transferring from PS3?


Same here !! Canr link !!

(Dawigz0729) #24

Hey guys,

Good news! I did a little home remedy and it worked! Here is what I did:

  1. Go to your shift account online and unlink your system
  2. Go to Borderlands 2 sign into shift
  3. It should then allow you to enter codes
  4. Do happy dance

Hope it works for you too!

(Marvin C. Connell) #25

Makes some sense as my initial BL2\SHiFT sign in was on my PS3 & I belive the PS3 & PS4 networks may be different(hence causing the problem)… >.>

BUT what about TPS? #WillItWorkForItToo

(Scouseone) #26

It dose work yes just unlink account and relink problem solved

(Marvin C. Connell) #27

It worked - yes - but it went back into ‘authenticating mode’ afterward…

(Jeffybug) #28

Our engineers have made some tweaks to SHiFT that should improve connectivity for Handsome Collection players on PS4. We’re still investigating the situation and hope to have a more permanent fix in place down the road.

Please let us know if you continue seeing issues!

(stephenelias) #29


Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t been able to use the SHIFT functions since I got it. I created the account and password, and have no problem with the credentials (checked and double checked). I really hope I don’t lose the keys!

I tried it last night and got the Authenticating with ‘Gearbox Software SHiFT’. Network is fine (played online), but no luck.

Thanks for the help,

(Krismc91) #30


Having problems with authenticating my shift account in BL2… for psvita

(Chadhot) #31

I can’t connect to shift either. last time i played this game was on my xbox 360. i logged into my account on the website and can see the xbox account is synced. i synced the PSN account and still get the “Connection Failed - Unable to communicate with Gearbox Software SHiFT. Please try again later.” Hate that I can’t use me some golden keys! It’s the whole reason i follow you guys on twitter/facebook

(davidttucker) #32

I’m having connection failed issues and I just signed up for Shift. Connection failed: Unable to Communicate with Gearbox Software SHiFT. Please try again later. It seems like this has bee a recurring problem since launch.

(Jeffybug) #33

There have been further fixes to SHiFT connectivity that will be deployed with the next game update. For now, a hard reset of your console can sometimes help as it can reset your expired authentication ticket.

(Benares180) #34

I’m having the same issue currently. Can’t link up.

(General Gero) #35

Got the same problem with SHiFT today. Keeps saying Authenticating with Gearbox SHiFT.

(Legendary Punzerker) #36

Hi @Taranuka – have you tried restarting your console? If that doesn’t work, I would recommend submitting a support request with our support team:

(General Gero) #37

After a console restart and a little waiting, it seems my SHiFT has been authenticated. Thank you.

(Danzigking5551) #38

Its Feb 2017 and this is still an issue. I picked up THC and started playing TPS first. Got to concordia and realized I coukd get these codes to uae on the loot chest in town. I can’t even connection to shift at the main menu. It just keeps saying try again a later.

(zlanducci1) #39

Really hate to necro this nearly two year old thread, but I figured the whole “Problems with Shift” thing would be resolved by now. It isn’t. This only happens on TPS and not BL2. I’m getting the same “Your session is timed out, you’ll automatically be logged back in” line as other people have in this thread, indefinitely.

(Mathieusantoire) #40

yes on ps4 on march 2016 it still dont work on Handsome collection borderland2