SHiFT authentication problems

(Myaxeispacked) #41

The message I get is “the code you have entered is for another shift enabled game” I still have all the keys from my ps3 save though, so I might try redeeming a code on there and see if they port across.

(calebchaplin91) #42

I just pirchased the Handsome jack collection for the xbox one and have tried to redeem SHiFT codes for golden keys and the authintication process is giving me problems. I made shure to use codes that i have not redeemed on the xbox 360 when i played it on that console. If there is anny new info on the problem please let me know. Thanks


Still a problem. Looks like it started back in February. Steam versions of both BL2 and TPS. That weird situation with “Please wait for the connection process to complete…” message that actually ain’t going anywhere no matter how long you wait.

(Fba) #44

still not wroking on ps4, another reason why pc is better :wink:

(Fba) #45

not working on steam or pc atm either?


Yeah. Just checked and still not working. That message in BL2, while TPS asks you to wait for the SHiFT connection to complete, and it lasts for half an hour to no avail.

I believe it’s not an issue with PS4, PC or any other platform, but with SHiFT itself. And, unlike the last year, unlinking the SHiFT account from Steam and linking it again does nothing. The same with rebooting the router.

(Fba) #47

they should really fix this x.x

not that it’s so bad to play with weapons that is not vault key weapons but… well it’s not fun to prestige or go vault mode with the normal ones :stuck_out_tongue:


Somehow I think it’s a sort of minor error that is easy to fix but very hard to spot.

(Fba) #49

ye maybe a small script issue :open_mouth:


Still ain’t working. TPS may also be lagging a little bit while SHiFT’s trying to connect.

(Legendary Lunatic) #51

Works fine on Xbox One, so maybe it’s a playstation issue


Both Playstation and PC. PC in my case.

(Ltspurling) #53

I haven’t been able to log into shift on either BL2 (Game of the year edition) or BL the pre-sequel. I put in a work order for this issue, but no resolution yet. Iv’e done port forwarding, fire wall trouble shooting, ps3 trouble shooting, connection trouble shooting, and nothing is working. Is anyone else having this issue??

(Eienlanzer) #54

Still having the same issue on PC. BLPS hangs on the "Authenticating with GearBox Software shift. Please Wait… indefinitely at the Title screen. I have submitted 2 support tickets and keep getting the same non personal copy paste reply that I should try waiting for it to connect, or try other various things like reinstalling, port forwarding, disabling firewall… which none of that works because I have tried all of it.

It’s really frustrating that support sends such generic copy/paste replies without looking into the issue.

(Cboswell) #55

Im haveing these problems recently

(coryseavers) #56

Im trying to put in codes on borderlands 2 but it says unable to communicate with gearbox software shift im on ps4 is there any way u can help