I learned that by playing BLGOTY edition from Friday to Sunday you get 4000 VIP points so I checked my game to see if my SHiFT account was linked but the screen says “Welcome Back!” and “Please enter your code:” can anyone help?

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Which platform are you using? All my Shift stuff is linked to my Xbox account so it usually signs me in based on my user profile.

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I downloaded Borderlands GOTY Enhanced yesterday to my PC for this same reason. You are using the Enhanced version, right?

Did you go to your SHiFT account and make sure that it was linked?

I had both Xbox Live and Steam linked. It asked me which one I wanted to add the SHiFT code to.

After adding some SHiFT codes on the web page, they didn’t take affect until I quit the game and re-started it.

Xbox one

My xbox live is linked but I didn’t get codes should I unlink it and relink it?

Nevermind fixed it


Could you post how you fixed it in case others have the same problem?

Yeah I went on mentalmars news article about gold key codes and entered the top one

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