SHift Code does not work, yet it has no expiration date

I tried entering this:


However, it said it was already redeemed on my PS4 but I do not have the Last Call skin for Maya. Its the last one I need too. :confused:

Do you have the msg with rewards on your list? If no, are you trying to redeem on the shift or borderlands website or directly in the game?

Game and not sure. I tried on the website and says its been confirmed.

Check if you have this confirmation on your rewards list.

Cover Art Hidden SHiFT Code!
CONGRATULATIONS MINION! You spotted the hidden code within our cover art! Your keen eyes might just help prevent you from becoming Skag food after all! As a reward, take this prized Maya Community Day skin and 5 Golden Keys!

Either way, you should contact gearbox support by filling the ticket if this items are still missing in game.

I found that message on Borderlands 2. I still don’t have the Last Call skin.

BTW, I thought this was the Tech Support area of Gearbox? Isn’t this contacting them?

Never mind, I found the website and submitted a ticket.