Shift code epic loot packs not working

Hey gang, put in the shift code from last night and got an award message but no pack. Put in the second code and got this code could not be redeemed. Submitted a ticket for it and they suggested I ask here while I wait for a response.

It’s not game breaking and I hope this is the direction they go with this as it is really cool but I would like to redeem them if I can. Any help would be appreciated.

When it says it can’t be redeemed keep clicking redeem. It is just an issue with lots of people redeeming from what I’ve heard.

Yep this worked for the second code - first one still isn’t working for me. Thanks for the feedback hope there’s a fix soon!

First one still hasn’t gone through, tried both codes again said both are redeemed but nothing comes in. Any idea what I can try next?