Shift Code Error

I bought Handsom Collection. I played all the way to Cordelia and got my Gold keys and both guns from previously playing Borderlands and Borderlands 2 from the terminal thing.

Suddenly I cannot use the terminal thing saying I do not have any shift account to use. I go to main menu and when I click Extra, it is blank.

But here is the odd part, ONLY after this happened (I had already gotten Skipper) did the game suddenly start randomly freezing, and it freezes up A LOT, but not once before this shift code issue or before I got Skipper.

I am in Titan…something, at the moment, and it just freezes non-stop.

I will lend any info I can to help me resolve this Shift Code issue (and hope it stops the freezing in the process)

Shift Code terminal is working again and freezing has stopped. Yay :3

Aaaand I have lost shift Code access resulting in the freezing to come back while I am near the end of the game (Or at least I think it is near the end)