Shift Code for Tap?

How do I redeem this? I haven’t gotten one for playing the tap game. I am logged in with my forum account and linked it to steam. >.>

I got it automatically. logged in same shift account in steam and tap. no shift code

There is no SHifT code. Orendi skin just appear right there.
Check the “Extra” section and log in to your ShiFT and check the rewards. It should mention Golden Orendi being unlocked.

The app freeze for anyone else after you watch one of the videos causing you to lose the reward? Happens when I come back and it freezes on the collect frame. I want my 65 million shards sir!

EDIT: I am on android also.

i can click on “Shift” inside the app, but it does not do anything. android btw.

I just checked in game, and I do not have the gold Orendi skin! What is this madness?!

It gives me this message when I try to log into steam through shift.

This platform ID is associated with another account