Shift code issue

Y used a few codes to get some golden keys and the codes were accepted however the keys did not appear on the game, i only have 6 of 10 keys that i got once i started playing borderlands 2 but none of the shift code gk are working, not even the first 2 keys i was supposed to get after loging in my shift account

Hello I’ve tried filing support on gear box page but it says my email isnt valid which is the same email I use on psn and to sign up for shift and receive news letters I just bought the norfleet for VIP I just want my gun please help

First, check on under Platforms to check that your account is linked correctly, and second under the Rewards tab to confirm the codes were redeemed successfully for that platform.

If, when you sign in to the game, you see that you are signed in to SHIFT correctly but the keys are not there, also check in-game reward history. After that, you’ll need to file a support ticket.

@timothysims19: Is it SHIFT that’s reporting an invalid email address, or the support site when you go to submit your ticket request? If the latter, it’s almost certainly an issue with what you entered in the field not exactly matching your email address. (Well, that or not completing the stupid Captcha correctly; I hate those things!)

My account is linked to steam correctly(i double checked the platforms) and in my reward history it shows that i redeemed the codes but none of the keys is shown in the gamee

You’ll need to file a support ticket then.

I’m not sure I signed in navigated till it let me