Shift code issues borderlands 2

hi i have inserted shift codes into my pc for keys for my xbox one borderlands 2 game but they do not appear in game but they do say ive redeemed them in the xbox shift section.
I have redeemed guns and skins and these have appeared in the game i also used my vip points to get 10 keys these have not appeared either which i cant do directly in the borderland 2 game anyone got any ideas how i sort this


The only thing you can do right now is to file a support ticket. You’ll want your shift support id from the in-game shift menu (instructions are on that support form).

I entered Shift codes via my laptop and it shows as redeemed, however, when I load up BL2 on Xbox one, but not of the keys are given within the game

Merged you into a relevant thread. Double-check that the keys are showing up as redeemed in your in-game reward history. If that confirms the redemption but still no keys, you’ll need to use the support link in the post above yours to open a ticket.

thanks, will do - definitely redeemed