Shift code rewards not showing up in backpack on Xbox 1

I recently used the shift codes for the tiny Tina assault on dragons keep heads and skins but nothing is showing up for anyone of my characters, please help.

Got you moved to the right section.

Assuming no error messages when you redeemed the shift codes, the items should appear when you check at the Quick Change station - they don’t show up in your backpack first.

You can double check that the redemption was successful by going into Extras > SHiFT from the main game menu - there’s an option to view past rewards. (You can also log in to directly and check there).

If you’re seeing the items showing as redeemed there but not seeing them when you drop into the Quick Change station, try a full power off/restart of your console.

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Thanks I will give that a try

Tried did not work

So I just tried for some gold keys those worked oddly enough.

So it seems golden keys will work but skins or heads👿

Are the heads and skins showing up as redeemed in your SHiFT rewards history? If you try and re-input the codes, what message do you get? (Precise wording is important).

As far as I know, those heads and skins are still valid so, unless you’d redeemed them already on a different platform, you should be good to go.

They show as redeemed in the rewards section. I tried to input them again and it says code already redeemed

OK, so if they’re not showing up in the quick change station despite that:

  • take a screen shot showing confirmation of redemption
  • file a support ticket, and attach the screen shot.

Hopefully, the support folks will be able to look a little deeper and come up with a solution.

Thanks a ton I actually got ahold of someone from support and they are helping out. Thanks again!

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Same thing happened to me but on PC, and support hasn’t responded, am I just impatient or do they not have support on it anymore

Support is still there, but they got slammed between the BL1 GOTY Remaster and the 5th DLC drop. One thing I do recommend is that if you did not receive an auto-reply with a ticket number, you should check your spam folder and white list the sender; that’s happened to a few folks.

I guess this would be the complaint department. I’ve tried for the past few months putting in shift codes for golden keys. It says not valid. I’m using the Xbox one codes and at the time they were not expired, I received nothing. The couple that did go through did not register on my account. This is frustrating because I am OP 10 and I would like to use these keys. Could you please help. Sincerely “Mr Trainwrek”.

Merged you in to an existing thread. Some things to check:

  • Do you currently have more than 200 keys? If so, it’s possible that the extras won’t show until you’ve spent some and restarted the game
  • Go to and check that your shift account is linked to XBL
  • Go to and check the rewards history for XBox Live BL2 - do you see the redemptions there?
  • Go to the equivalent page in game - are the redemptions also showing there?

If you’re seeing successful redemption on the web site but not in game, you could try un-linking your XBL account on the web site (while signed out on your XB1) and then re-linking it.

If you’re seeing successful redemption on the web site and in game, but the rewards have definitely not been added to the game, you’ll need to file a support ticket. Note that you’ll want to grab your shift support ID from in game (instructions are on the support request form)