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Hi folks! Pretty new here, but have always been a BL fan, and I’m currently digging the GOTY Remaster. A question occurred to me when I searched online the phrase, “How do I earn Shift Codes.” I came across a couple of websites (which I won’t name, in case it IS a no-no) that basically aggregate all the SHiFT codes, ever known to humankind… I also saw a Twitter account that claims to constantly “scan for active Shift codes.” I don’t know…

My question is, is this “legal” or seen by Gearbox/2K as acceptable use, or would it somehow violate the Terms and Conditions? What scares me a bit is, it almost feels like how less-reputable sites back in the day would put up randomly generated license keys for software, etc. Now, I know the SHiFT codes are basically usable by everyone, they aren’t one-use codes, etc. But, is it cool to use them from an aggregate site like this? Do these aggregate sites have some way to generate their own keys, which I’m sure WOULD be a violation of the TOS, but how would we know if the code is a legit code (posted in the past by an authorized staff member) or a fake “generated” code that would be a violation?

I did see a user on here posting Community Day codes, etc. and they weren’t shut down by the mods, so maybe this is okay? I just don’t want to use a code from one of those posts or websites and end up having my BL account (or worse, my gaming account) shut down for a violation!

Thanks in advance!

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Well, given that there are threads for various games right here which contain lists of known active SHIFT codes, simply cataloguing and archiving them doens’t seem to be a problem.

Only Gearbox can generate valid SHiFT codes; these sometimes have set expiry dates, and sometimes don’t. Gearbox will occasionally re-release codes for seasonal items (such as the Valentine’s Day BL2 skins) as well.

Now if someone were to set up a site claiming to sell SHiFT codes, that would definitely be a nope.

So yes, you can try any of the SHiFT codes posted on these forums or the web site without fear.

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You, my friend, as they say at NASA, are a steely-eyed missile man! :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply!

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Oh hey, one of my favourite quotes from my favourite movie! Clearly, this is NOT a government organization…

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That, is my main source of SHIFT codes.
I follow the Twitter and fb page but online activity being what it is. It’s easy to miss one… or several.
So I don’t think it would be in Gearbox interest to “shame” them.
Now I just wish they will update/create a page for the new BL1 codes. :slight_smile:

He is. :wink: :ok_hand::+1:

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I loved the fact that they had this in The Martian, too! Nice throwback to the original '60s-era NASA!

But, wait… this ISN’T a government organization? That’s alarming… :smile::smile:

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so i have two questions the first is i got one of borderlands 2 shift codes from the borderlands vip site and i did not copy down the code is there any way to see it. second question is i put a bunch of codes in on and when i went on my xbox it told me that i could redeem but i had to renter all the codes is there eny way to not have to renter them i did it online so i would not have to use the xbox typing system to do it.

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When you enter a SHIFT code on the web site, it should prompt you as to which platform you want to redeem the code on. Make sure you choose “XBox”; you should see confirmation of the redemptions under XBoxLive in the area below the redemption box.

You shouldn’t need to type in the codes again on your XBox as long as you sign in to the same XBL account as is linked in SHIFT, so I don’t know what happened there.

BTW: If you have a spare USB keyboard, you can plug that in to your XBox and use that to enter the codes.

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ok still dont know why its doing that but now ever time i put a code in it says failed to redeem your shift code

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so update on the problem when i enter the code on xbox it says it was already redeemed any clue what i should do

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It means you have already redeemed that code and can’t redeem it again. What exactly are you trying to enter the code for?

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i told you earlier i added them on the shift website for my xbox but when i get i can not select them i can only press x for shift code to enter one not shore why

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Right, but shift codes for what exactly? Keys? Heads/skins? Can you grab a screen shot of the items description from the Rewards section on the shift web site?

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keys and

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OK. And when you load up one of your characters and go to the Golden Chest in Sanctuary, are you seeing those keys reflected in the total available? (You should also be able to see them in your inventory tab, over on the BAR stats panel.)

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no it says 0 keys and i can not select them on the my rewards tab in game
this is what it look like

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OK. I am not sure why your total isn’t revising in-game, but the same issue seems to be affecting a number of people right now. Those screen shots obviously show the codes are credited to your account, and it is correctly linked to your XBox profile. About the only thing you can do is file a support ticket. You may, unfortunately, need to wait a few days for a human response - the desk is apparently very busy right now.

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ok thanks so much for your help your the best

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do you know about how long it takes the support team to get in touch with someone

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It depends on ticket volume. Right now, that is very high. I think a couple of people posted that they got a response in 4 days? Normal turn-around is under 24 hours, so definitely atypical load on the ticket system.