Shift codes entered on website not showing up in console (social)

Is anyone else having issues with shift codes that are entered on the gearbox website? I get my shift codes from Fb, Twitter, etc. When I enter the codes on gearbox site it shows the codes redeeming without issue for 1,3,5 keys respectfully. Problem is when I log in and go to the social space on xbox to retrieve the keys, all the 3 and 5 keys that are redeemed successfully on the site only show up as 1 key on xbox. This has been happening since launch and I can’t seem to contact gearbox to look into it. After about 2 months of loading keys I should have had over 70 keys yet it only shows that I have 22.

When you actually redeem the ticket in the social menu for the key(s), does the total of Golden Keys increase the way it should or only by one? IOW is the “1 key” simply a UI error in the Social Email display, or is it really not handling multiple keys correctly?

Make sure all codes are for BL3, cause there was only one code for 3 keys recently, and the codes with 5 keys are for BL2 or TPS or BL1 remaster.
I used all the codes and I have 50+ keys, so it sounds like you were using codes for other games.
Use this site and check your rewards.

They’re definitely bl3 code and they redeem perfectly on gearbox shift code page. They show the number of keys redeem but claiming the keys on xbox always redeem as 1. Even when I enter the same 3 or 5 key code on xbox it always come out as 1. The total number of keys goes up but always by 1 instead of the correct 3 or 5 key code.

These was a 5 key codes from Twitter for xbox:


I redeemed both on the gearbox successfully for 10 keys. Go to the Xbox, load up the game, social and claimed them for a solid 2 keys.

It always says how much keys you have available for redeem in your social, so if you have 3 keys you should claim it 3 times (3x 1 key). And again, make sure you are using BL3 codes, cause they are usualy only for 1 key.

Both of these codes are for 5 keys in BL1 remaster

It’s crazy because when redeemed they definitely showed up in my xbox social area and I was bake to claim 2 keys. Will definitely be double checking

Use the site posted above there is a rewards history for all the games. If you use code for BL3, history for this game will be at top.