Shift codes entered through pc for xbox one

I cannot log in to shift on my xbox 1 to redeem the codes i used cause it says i cannot have more than one account associated with it but i only have 1 account is there any help or will i have to make another account and start over again

I’m a little confused as to what’s actually happening. If you entered XBox shift codes through on your PC and your XBL GT was already linked to your shift account, then the rewards should already be available when you launch the game.

One possibility for getting an error message when trying to sign into shift on the XB1 using the in-game menu for the first time would be if you used a different email address to the one used to create the account on that was already linked to your GT.

This is something that only the folks over in support would be able to figure out though, so your best bet is to file a ticket directly:

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right basically i cannot sign in to shift on my xbox

but on my pc it says its linked

but its asking me to sign in but acting like its creating an account

see below image

pls close as its fixed now

Just for the benefit of others who may run into the same situation, what was the fix?

honestly i dont know i reported it to both gearbox official and 2k and also tweeted at them and within the time span it got fixed so maybe they fixed it for me

Having same issue. Contacted support.