Shift codes expired after a week or redemption bug?

i recently tried to redeem some of the more recent borderlands 2 shift codes after discovering that gearbox still releases them. how ever when i hit hit submit get the error telling me that it has expired. now normally i would shrug this off as a missed opportunity but i remember redeeming older shift codes then that and not a single code launched for borderlands 2 after October 10th (my most recent shift code activity in bl2) seemed to work. is this a bug or did gearbox just randomly decide to shorten the life span of their codes to 1 or 2 weeks?

Not all codes have the same expiration time

This is cause for concern for me. I’ve been collecting my Golden Keys for BL2. I have about 57 I think, and I was wanting to wait until I could max my character out before using them. Problem is each key redemption is quite old by now, and if I can’t use them, I’m gonna hate that. Hope it’s a bug.

It’s the codes that expire, not keys. Once you’ve redeemed a shift code, it’s a key, and they are permanent until used on a chest.

Just remember to use some before you hit 255, otherwise you may start losing the ones in excess of that.


Okay, thanks for clarifying. I remember the codes themselves having expiration dates. Good to know the redeemed content remains permanent. I’m relieved to know it hasn’t changed any.