Shift codes for android (Battleborn Tap)

Is there any shift codes for battleborn tap (NOT battleborn) in android???

There are no shift codes for Battleborn Tap unfortunately

awww… then why would it implement that function in Battleborn Tap lol. Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Idk honestly lol. And np

The SHiFT function was likely added in anticipation of more people playing Tap, but not a lot of people do. You do, however, get a free Orendi skin.

If I had my druthers, we would be able to spend those mythstones, say 50 or so, on in-game loot boxes for Battleborn through SHiFT

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I like the idea, even if this was a dead topic.

i got the orendit skin originally when i started using tap but eventually i just stopped playing as i couldnt keep up with the game. is there any reward at the end if you beat it or is the orendi skin all there is?

It’s an idle game, it does not end.

To my knowledge, the Orendi skin is all you get.