Shift codes for Android Version

I’ve got The Game B2 in my NVIDIA shield tablet. The Game have a place for shift Codes but anyone woks because there are no Codes from android versión.
Are this Codes released early?

Sorry about my inglish.

Try the PC/Mac/Linux codes.

Pc/Mac/Linux Codes no works

What error message do you get? It could be that the ones you’ve tried have simply expired. Last BL2 code I saw released was April iirc?

They released some a week ago on Facebook

EDIT: Posted on August 10th

Xbox 360 or Xbox One: KBCTB-5TB6W-R9FRS-CXT3B-H9C69
PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation Vita: K3WBT-SCXRS-RTCH5-H353T-H66FJ

Valid till August 29th.


I tried this ones… 10-august…i tried pc,xbox and PlayStation Codes … and all of them give me The same error… “el código no puede canjearse”" ( i Play in spanish XD)

Not a terribly helpful error message, unfortunately. Not sure what to suggest, other than filing a support ticket:

Edit: Grrr - hate when I type from memory, but memory tricks me. With a plain old http:// at the front, that URL simply redirects to the one @kgk4569 posted.

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This is your best bet:

Submit a support ticket in the SHiFT system. If BL2 is available on that platform, then SHiFT should work on it. They should know what to do, or be able to fix it.

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Ok thanks

They tell me to watch The Codes on their social media accound :pensive:

Tell them that you did, and they do not work.

Yeah, you might need to reply to their response (the first one of which is always an automated response that says “check the forums!”). Keep at it; just don’t open a new ticket when you want to contact them, simply reply to the previous response.

Thanks… i did It.
Finnally they said no Codes for my plataform. :frowning:

I am sorry to hear that, it sucks balls. The Purple Chest is pretty useful.

You should ask that if that is the case if they can add some keys to your profile. It never hurts to ask.

@amaruborre Yo tambien lo juego en Android y en Español y hasta ahorita encuentro alguien que tambien lo juegue en Android. Sabes como jugar multiplayer?

En opciones de conexión puedes elegir entre jugar en modo desconectado (un solo jugador) o conexión solo entre amigos (solo podrán unirse jugadores de tu lista de amigos)… O conexión abierta en la que podrán unirse cualquiera a tu partida… Y también puedes desde ahí buscar partidas que se estén jugando … El problema es que en android esta bastante desierto este bordwrlands. Ya deje de jugarlo hace bastante.