Shift codes for golden keys

ok since jan 12 2016 I have not been able to redeem any codes for borderlands presequel or borderlands2
not understanding why I have tried at extra’s /codes screen it says all codes are not redeemable.
then go to shift box and try codes and get not connected to internet what baloney why so many issues and I have farmed Ikarhu from 400,000 to 16,000,000.00 never saw legendary thingy but paid 3 million to get one from weapon machine fighting bad claptrap… crazy I thought all this got fixed and talk to friends they have no issues so why am I having issues I am connected … just don’t understand why the issues… love playing borderlands more that far cry 4 more than halo 5 more than gears of war more than call of duty more than… fallout 4 come one I f that is not loyalty then I need to move onto something else.

Sorry you’re experiencing problems. I would suggest signing directly into your SHiFT account to make sure that your XBL GT is still linked correctly to your SHiFT account. If that’s the case (and assuming that all your other on-line games/connections are working on your XB1) then the only thing I can suggest is filling a support ticket. You can find the details starting from this page:

thank you!!