Shift Codes (Give us more time)

Does anyone else find it ridiculous that these shift codes we’ve been getting are only useable for a few hours at a time? This has been grinding tf out of my gears since the game released. Forgive me, but I have a life, and I don’t always have the opportunity to enter in codes at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, the limited time I spend playing I would prefer not to have to constantly check to see if new codes are out.

Be realistic, give us a few days to enter these codes. If I’m at work, I don’t have the luxury of scouring the internet for codes. If I’m out with the wife, I don’t have the opportunity to find codes. Give us a reasonable amount of time to do this.


I agree they are short expiry times and I have missed several keys myself. It seems the last couple that they have issued have had 12 hour expiry or longer so it seems they might just be listening and hopefully they continue to put out longer expiry on their codes.

There are a few websites that list all the Shift codes so you don’t have to look very far usually they come up the first few results on Google.


I’ve always despised the whole shift code social media thing. I only use them when its required for a skin and I hate it. Just more useless and time consuming than farming.

Yea, I stumbled across them the first few days after the game came out. Since then, I haven’t gotten a single key. Every single one since has gone away faster than a fart in the wind.

Even with the 12 hour codes, those are expired before I can use them. The model of key expiration worked just fine for BL2, I don’t see why Pitchford had to go out of his way to irritate people like this.

Maybe that’s why they call it a S.H.I.T. code?! :open_mouth:
(F omitted for clarity, and no F word, please :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes it is its bs its October 19 and im thing to add a code that was posted today and it says its expired

I don’t understand the whole key thing tbh. What is is the whole point of them? Wo much effort for bad gear? I mean we can buy legendaries on low level VHS and get purples from the chest for typing in codes.