Shift codes no longer without ps plus

Since the new update i’m not longer able to use shift codes on my ps4.When I go to the section SHIFT they say I have to buy ps plus.Is it a bug?


Not sure how it’s worked on PS, but on Xbox you’ve always needed a Gold subscription (or Game Pass now) to redeem SHIFT keys, since MS considers this a form of on-line play. @GrzesPL - do you know what the current PS situation is?

I think it always was free on PS, can’t verify how it is now cause I have PS+. Submitting the official ticket may help, cause it’s more likely a bug.
What I can suggest is enter the code on shift website and checking the mail in game. If PS+ is required there then it’s definitely due to patch.

I’ve got the same thing happening on PS4 now, it’s pretty irritating given that it was definitely free and it’s technically not online play. It enhances solo play.
Did you find out if this was a bug or an update?

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I’m having the same problem. Until recent update, you did not need to have a PS PLUS subscription in order to enter shift codes and get golden keys. Did anyone get any verification that this is not a bug?

Did any of you tried SHIFT website? Is the in-game mail available for you without PS+?

Shift website solution works. A pain in the bottle but it works

Thats the only good option for using codes, can be done at any time on phone or other device, you can copy paste, no need to typing it in game.

Still a pain in the bottle, if maybe a slight one.

Anyone know if SHIFT codes still work as normal without PS+ in the Handsome Collection games?

Should. Enter them in the shift website

I meant actually within the game rather than through the website. I’m curious as to whether the issue is solely BL3, or if it’s any SHIFT-enabled game on PS. The former would point to an issue with the update that added crossplay on the other platforms; the latter would suggest a policy change on Sony’s part.

Right now no, but you can use the website

I tried it entering at SHIFT site, but I didn’t receive any keys in the mail on the game.