SHiFT codes not working and getting weird error message

Not sure if anyone else has encounter this, but when I enter a code (and I made sure it wasn’t expired) I get the error message “To continue to redeem SHiFT codes, please launch a SHiFT-enabled title first!” I’ve made sure my account is linked and I’m not sure what to do. Just trying to get some stuff :confused:

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I’m going to assume that you’re trying to enter the SHiFT codes in the Handsome Collection edition of either BL2 or TPS. If not, please let me know as that may change the advice!

Question: have you linked your XBox Live Gamer Tag to your SHiFT account yet? You can do this on the SHiFT web site ( You’ll know you’ve been successful when you start either game up and you see the “Authenticating to SHiFT… Signed in” messages pop up on the initial game menu screen.

Second question: are you getting any other odd connectivity issues in any other games or with your XBL connection? (I’ve lost both shift and XBL server connections momentarily a couple of times and it really screws things up.)

Yes. I’ve linked my gamertag. I’m also not getting any other error messages. I’ve entered codes in the past and have been for years but just now am I getting that one error code

Interesting. I just tried redeeming again and it worked. I did nothing in regards to resetting anything and haven’t even turned on my Xbox again. Weird. Sorry about that.

Now it’s not working. Maybe you can only redeem so many at a time. Just trying to get old skins I wasn’t there for in the first place.

I’ve never seen any indication that there was a limit on the number of codes you could redeem in a specific time frame. Not sure what’s going on.

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I hate to be the guy that bumps a skeleton post from almost a year ago, but I can confirm, Shift code entry will only allow 3 codes at a time, then it will require me to close and relaunch BL2.

Background: I’ve played BL1, 2 and TPS extensively on PC, and have in the past redeemed codes without issues. I have migrated to playing on Xbox One, and was re-entering some of the valid shift codes for Xbox via the online site (copy+paste FTW), and it will allow 3 entries, then tell me this error, that I need to launch a shift enabled game.


Maybe it’s something unique to the SHiFT website, then - I can see good reasons for rate-limiting submissions there. I’ve never had an issue on XB1 itself, but then I don’t even have a keyboard connected to it so entry is painfully slow.

It’s gotta be site specific… I can understand the general thought process behind it, but don’t feel it’s necessary… You can’t redeem the same shift code multiple times, so there isn’t a point in my opinion… Just making it more tedious for me (he says as he’s now launching BL2 for the 817th time lol)

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Thanks for that update. I was having the same problem.

Hello, I am currently having the same issue. Can someone help me? I get the same message, after i redeemed one code, no others will go through

Is this when entering SHiFT codes through the game on XB1, or through the website (

I was trying to enter them through the website

There’s a rate limit on how many codes you can enter through the web site at any one time. You can enter more at one time through the game.

This 3 code limit is kind of inconvenient when redeeming codes for Steam games because I have to keep opening and closing one of the Borderlands games to get past the limit. However, it is frustrating when redeeming console codes because the consoles are in the TV room at the other end of my house. I have to go all the way in the other room, launch the game and wait for it to authenticate to shift, and then close the game again to return to my PC to enter just 3 additional codes before repeating the process. This too wouldn’t be so painful except that it takes forever longer to enter codes on my Xbox One via the controller and virtual keyboard. Can we at least get it so we can redeem 10 codes at a time on the Shift website?
By the way, it seems failed attempts count too. Example: I have 3 codes to redeem and I accidentally enter one of them twice. That counted as 2 entries and now I have to start up the Xbox One and log into the game to be able to enter the 3rd code.

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i got the same weird error message, i was spamming shift codes as i wanted to get all of the golden keys that hadnt expired so i could stockpile and use them some other time, but when i tried entering another code after about 20 minutes its said this

Wow, I have not seen that message so far this year. I guess they increased the limit, but kept a limit to keep people from trying to spam codes into the system. In this case, just launch the game on your other devices, log into Shift, and then come back and try again. Let us know if you figure out what the new limit is.

There is a cap on the number of codes you can redeem through the web site at a time. It used to be just three in a 24 hour period, although I think it’s more now? To redeem additional codes, you can either wait until tomorrow or launch a game and use the in-game redemption.