Shift codes not working PC

I created this ticket # id200347 almost 2 weeks ago and sent a followup email a few days ago but have never received a reply. I was hoping someone on this forum could help as the confirmation suggests.

I created a shift account using my epic credentials and then filled in the information to finalize the account. I entered several shift codes successfully but in game it shows I have no codes available. It did state the accounts were now linked. I’m stuck and don’t know what to do next. Also, there is no provision for entering codes in game like there was for BL 2. I also discovered I might have an old shift account from the BL 2 game but it is with a different name and password.

It’s in the Social menu. Pause the game on the character you want to redeem items for and select Social. Items redeemed via shift codes (including keys) will be in the Email section. There’s also a tab where you can enter SHiFT codes in game. The system works a bit more like Shifty Sheldon’s in TPS, except this time you don’t have to go to a specific location to access things.

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Thank you. So simple once you know the method. I must have overlooked the methodology while researching the shift codes. Works like a charm.

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