Shift Codes not working - XBox One

I don’t see a section for XBox One, so this seems like the most appropriate section to post.

I have tried the following two codes:

I first get a message telling me that the connection failed that I should check my cables and configuration. I don’t know what to do with that. My XBox is has a wireless connection and everything else on XBox Live works just fine.

If I leave it at the initial error message above, the message then turns into the “Code Redemption Failed: Sorry, but the code you have entered cannot be redeemed.” Once I close that message, the first error message telling me to check my cables and configuration pops back up again.

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I have the same prob.

We do have an Xbox One tech support section. Ive moved you there.

In the mean time, I suggest you send in a support ticket here

We have heard reports of this that have been resolved by doing a hard reset of your console.

Let us know if that helps!

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It worked. Thank you.

no reward, xbox one user. add me plis. i am newbie here. hlp me plis. where is the code or reward i should get when bought the game (handsome jack collection) . i think i shoukd be rewarded by 75 gold key for boderlands 2 n pr-sequel. hlp plis. sorry bad english.

should i get this : for xbox one.

Borderlands 2

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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hlp plis.

I have tried a hard reset and it still doesn’t work

If you are trying the codes in the OP (March 27th), they probably have expired by now.

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The current codes they have posted on both Facebook and Twitter aren’t even expired but i get the same message can not be redeemed. This is the Xbox 1 version of bl2 why is it showing this message how can it be fixed?

Have you tried a hard reset of your console, @iambored12?

I have hard reset multiple times this past month and when I try to download each newly released code I keep getting same error message that I cannot download the code. Guess no more keys for me.

Aside from double checking your internet connection, I would recommend contacting our support team. They may be able to give you some insight.

I’ve tried all those thing and then I went to the support team and got no help from them and I feel like I didn’t get what I baught and I got ripped off plz help i put in codes and they never work what do I do

What’s support ticket number and I’ll have them check it for you.

What do you mean ticket number

Zidovudine you mean like a shift code? For like golden keys

I also can’t redeem code. It will say "the following code can’t be redeemed yet the codes aren’t expired

Ssme here. No codes work for me bl2 thc xb1. I have also submitted a ticket and never heard anything back from them

I to would like to know why the codes not working…I just started playing the game…and saw my friend had a key and I want some too