Shift Codes not working - XBox One

How do you hard reset

Hold down the power button on the XB1 console for 10 seconds. Wait a minute and then power it back up. That usually solves the shift problems.

Wtf is a power button

The illuminated Xbox logo on the front of your console.

a “Hard” reset is this,

plus unplugging the xbox 1 to fully shut it off. Most times though the soft reset works.

a lot of the codes have expiration dates, might check where the codes came from and see if there is an expire date for the ones your trying

I just figure it out…but I just bought the dragon keep dlc but it’s not in my ready to download files on my xbox one

you might look for this location in the fast travel station “Unassuming Docks.” if it’s there just travel to it as you have it.
if not
may be able to help better

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Are you using the Handsome Collection version of BL2 or the Games with Gold version?

If it’s the Handsome Collection version, the DLCs are included and you should try and get a refund on your purchase.

If it’s the GWG version (360 backwards compatible), I’m not sure how that works. You can check your system menu within the virtual 360 by launching the game, then pressing both the start and menu buttons at the same time.

I just got Boderlands 2 with GWG and created a SHIFT account but the most recent code is not working and I have hard reset my Xbox One. Do the codes have usage limits so that only a certain number of people can use it like a lot of these codes I have seen before for other games. I also only got 1 key for signing up not two like the welcome message said I would get.

Did you link your Gamer Tag correctly from the SHiFT web site? It’s been so long since I set mine up (and that was on the 360) that I’ve forgotten some of the details.

If you check the list of Golden Keys on this site, expiry dates are listed where known, and dead codes are removed from the list periodically.

I only got a single key when I created mine back in 2012.

My gamer tag is correct. Though I cannot find it in my shift profile but it is synced to my Xbox live account

Not really sure what to suggest then - I do know that gamer tags etc. are NOT visible when you log in to the SHiFT site, but that’s probably a deliberate security measure.

All I can suggest at this point is submitting a support ticket:

Thanks for the help

Put the codes in lower-case as opposed to upper-case.