SHIFT codes: Post BL 2 Shift codes here (updated 03/18/2018)

Yes, the display will show 255 but you’ll have 260. If you continue to redeem codes, the keys will keep adding up in the background. If you spend any keys after going over the display limit, the number just won’t decrease until you’re left with less than 255.

Did not work for me…should of had 265 keys with the latest 10

Tested at the golden chest with five keys…so theoretically should have 260 and my number of 255 still showing.

Number of Golden Keys now shows 250.

Wonder why??

I’ve seen previous reports where it took some while for the display total to catch up to the number of keys - more had to be redeemed, bringing the total a fair bit lower than 255. (This was on the old forums.)

The real question is why you had so many unspent keys in the first place!: “Your keys aren’t worth anything, if you don’t spend them!”

Want to start a new Character…gun Zero from scratch to OP8…a lot of keys helps!

That’s weird. It worked for me the last time I tried it, but it was before the last patch. Maybe the patch broke something? I remember that originally, if you redeemed new keys after reaching the limit you’d lose all of them because the counter would reset to zero, or something like that. They fixed it, but maybe the patch has returned it to its original ways or created new unintended behavior. By your description of what happened, it seems like the new keys you redeemed were actually subtracted from the total. Try it again and see what happens. If it doesn’t get fixed by itself, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket to Gearbox. Has anyone else experienced weird behavior like that after the patch? I also have 255 keys stored at the moment, but I haven’t tried redeeming more of them ever since reaching the limit. I might try typing in a code tomorrow to see what happens.

I also have 255. My current character doesn’t need them, since he’s already at max level and fully geared. I’m saving them for the next character I’m planning to level up.

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@johnrr6, @Gut0nez: Guess I took a different approach. I switched between characters regularly, keeping them anywhere from 4-6 levels apart, and handing down the better items via the stash. As a result, I hardly ever needed golden keys, especially for the last 2 or 3 characters. If anything, I have too much stuff, since it can be hard to decide what to get rid of!


That’s a smart approach for leveling up multiple characters. I just never wanted to level up more than one character at the same time, though. I like to focus on one at a time until I’m done. It’s a painfully slow method if you wanna have leveled characters of multiple classes, but I don’t mind it. It works for me. I might try your method when I try leveling up the last couple of classes I never tried.

@johnrr6 - I just tried redeeming 5 keys. The code was successfully redeemed and the display continued to show 255. I tried spending some keys to see what would happen and to my surprise the key number started going down. So I also didn’t get 5 new keys from the code I redeemed. I just had the 255 I had before. What’s weird is that in your case, the new code seemed to have subtracted keys from your total, while in my case I just didn’t get any of the new ones. There’s definitely something weird going on here. Maybe the patch made it so that now the limit of keys you can carry truly is 255 and it’s no longer possible to have hidden keys? Have you tried redeeming/spending some more keys?

I’m going to spend 5 more and see if my total jumps back to 255…which would account for the 10 extra keys.

Maybe extra keys are subtracted TILL you hit the number of extras you have…then the total jumps back to 255.

We will see…

EDIT: NOPE…that did not work…now I am down to 245.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on here. Hey, @JoeKGBX, do you have any info on this you could share? Was the 255 limit reinforced and the hidden queue removed after the patch?

You might need to submit a support ticket, John.

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From Facebook

Unlock some new loot with these SHiFT codes for 5 Golden Keys in Borderlands 2!
Xbox 360 or Xbox One: KT5T3-5XX55-R9RRH-56T3T-3353K
PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation Vita: C353B-CFJRH-FJ5HC-ZJCBJ-WFSWB
These codes will be active through February 10 – be sure to use them before then!


Added, thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

Not sure if your still updating this but has keys listed as earlier as January 29 so maybe link that site in your post.

I am and I did:

Oh ok I didn’t click that.

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I will update it regularly everytime I see the codes on Facebook since nobody else is.

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Thank you all , great thread !

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Thank you to everyone for gathering these together.

As of today, Feb 11th, the 360 codes are still active.

From Facebook

Unlock some new loot with these SHiFT codes for 5 Golden Keys in Borderlands 2!

Xbox 360 or Xbox One: CBKB3-S6FWC-R9RXZ-WXJJJ-H6ZTK
PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation Vita: 5J53B-9FBRS-6BCZ5-H35JB-KCS9X

These codes will be active through February 28th – be sure to use them before then!