Shift codes redeemed, but not rewarded(partially)

Hi there. I have been starting up again Borderlands: The handsome jack collection on Xbox One, and playing with a friend.
I remembered back on the 360 when i played both borderlands 2 and Borderlands TPS, that you had a shift code system online. So I started googleing for this system, and found your website ( I logged into my old account which is linked to Xbox Live, and found some new codes on your twitter and facebook, both for golden keys and cusomization items.
I told my friend about this, and he did the same.
My problem here though, is that all the codes redeemed, i did not get the golden keys for. I got the customization items, but not the golden keys. It was about 80 golden keys, so it was way below the limit of 255. I only had 1 key from before. However, reading that keys could get stacked over 255, but not be in use until some keys were used, I used my 1 and only key. That did not help though. It have been 10 days now since I started this, and tried hard resets, cache clearing, uninstalling and installing the game, logging in and out of course, but nothings helped. It says on both Shift rewards on the internet page that the codes are redeemed, and on the shift page under extra on Borderlands 2(the handsome collection). My friend, however, did get all the keys. What have happened?

Sorry - no idea. Apparently something isn’t syncing correctly to your XB1. Is your 360 still around? If so, maybe check it to see if the rewards showed up there. If it’s not - did you wipe the drive to factory default before getting rid of it?

Either way, you’ll need to file a support ticket for assistance.

If you have your XB1 set to on-line so that your saves are sync’d to the cloud service, you could also try deleting just your local save data and then restoring from the cloud. If you’ve been playing off-line, though, I wouldn’t do that as you’d lose your progress.

Anyway, see what support suggests first.

My 360 is around, and the rewards did not show up there either… And downloaded Borderlands 2 360 edition on my XB1 through the backwards compatibility program and tried that one. Still nothing.
Tried deleting local data, local cache, pretty much everything.
Also contacted support, though I dont think too much will happen as I’ve read up on the problem and it seems rather common, with no one else getting any extra help than a reply or two, and that they will look into it… Oh well, hope BL3 wont have the same problem…