Shift codes time limit

Why can’t Randy Pitchford give us shift codes without time limits, I live in the UK, when he tweets out his codes at ■■■■ o clock in the morning, I am usually asleep, and when I wake up, their time limit has elapsed, why not give them out without a time limit like bl2, I mean there is a bloody great big chest on Sanctuary doing f all

Aye, gotta echo this.Athough I’m fortunate to be a night owl, so usually catch most as they are released

But some 3hr ones, I’m like -whats the point?

Anyone waiting for 100 keys yet :slight_smile:

Yeah, half the time I’m sleep, about to go to sleep or at work. I usually don’t even bother trying now. Hopefully this will change in the future.

At least make 24 hours the minimum, allow for all time zones. I’m in Australia so get some but miss a lot.

Even if you are in the same time zone, many have been during regular work hours on weekdays. It definitely is irksome. I’m curious if Gearbox wants their employees spending their time obsessively checking social media instead of, you know, working. Otherwise it seems a bit obnoxious to ask others to do so, and that’s before even considering the time zone issue.