Shift Display Name?

I started up Borderlands 2 and got a message I need to create a shift display name, but no matter what I type in it tells me that there is a internal error setting the display name. I am unable to play the game because of this. What is the way to fix this?

Never seen that before. Can you set it via at all?

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It’s fixed! Thanks anyway.

How did you manage to resolve the issue?

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I have the same problem. What solution did you find?

I have the same issue, whatever I type I get the “There was an internal error setting the display name.” This is my first time playing. I can’t get into the game.

  • I tried Deleting my profile.bin file
  • I tried unlinking and linking SHiFT account from my Epic account
  • I tried redownloading the whole game
  • I tried verifying the game
  • I tried changing my name to different things using

I can’t get past that screen no matter what I do.

The only thing I can suggest at this point is to file a support ticket for assistance. I know a few folks were having trouble connecting for multiplayer through SHIFT on PC yesterday, but there wasn’t anything on the SHIFT Status Twitter feed when I checked.

I’m still having this issue, has a solution been found?

Same, I tried deactivating the SHiFT account and re-activating it … and still get the same issue.

So the advice I was given by @VaultHunter101 was to make sure I’m signed out of every service except for the one I’m trying to use. I play BL on Steam so I had to make sure to sign out of Epic and make sure it wasn’t running in the background. Then it worked for me. Do the same for all your gaming platforms linked to SHiFT then it will probably work. If not then just file a support ticket. Hope it helps

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Glad that worked for you!

Same problem. I’m from Russia. Tried to play friends. One from Ukraine, the second friend from Estonia. They are already playing. And I have a problem.
1.All the way to profiles on pc and egs - in English.
2.The game is installed cleanly. Just clicked on epic games store and installed and launched. I did not conduct any changes to the files.
3.Friends did not. I decided to do it - I registered in the SHIFT service.
3.1. There was only epic games store connected.
3.2. I changed the name - it did not help.
3.3. I tied and untied the binding to epic games store - it did not help. Of course, restarting completely epic games store and the game. - did not help.
3.4. I did the above several times. - did not help.
4. I reinstalled the game on a laptop - it didn’t help.
5. The third time I installed the game again on the pc. - again the same problem.

I’ve been trying to solve it for five hours now - having allocated a day for games - it turned out that the day went blank to solve the problem - with the NAME OF CHARACTER … And with this inscription - “there was an internal error setting the display name”

I wanted to buy this set - but epic games store was ahead of me - I really liked the first part (but I had it at Steam) - and now I have friends, but I can not play the game. Please help solve this problem - or tell me - that it is incurable. I lost a day searching for a solution in vain. Many thanks.

on scr shot (I tried to enter my correct name in the Shift, just - a random set of letters - just a name - and the alphabet in the language of the country is still the same inscription.)

Make sure you do NOT have Steam running in the background, or signed in on a different machine at the same time, then try again. You might want to check using the Task Manager that Steam didn’t stealth launch when you launched the game through Epic.

Note that this isn’t an installation problem, so reinstalling won’t help. It’s probably some issue with the way SHIFT works with Steam and Epic.

Thank you for responding. I will answer you back.

  1. Steam is off. Borderlands on it did not start for about 5 years for sure. - launched - no - everything is the same
  2. Checking the task manager - everything is clean - there are no traces - launched - no - everything is the same :frowning:
  3. Turned off the Internet manually. GAME LAUNCHED!!! BUT OFFLINE …
  4. I turned on the Internet connection - everything is the same.

Such thoughts creep in at me - maybe this is due to the operating system? I have Windows 7 (64), my friends have Windows 10. I would happily switch to Windows 10. But there are a lot of projects and materials and programs for Windows 7, and I will get work for months if I change the operating system - and in our time this is a terrible pandemic - this is unacceptable. The idea is that it may be due to the operating system. Friends when they played Steam was launched (but they do not have a single incentive Borderlands).

p.s. I saw the opening video of the game and the beginning of the game and … it’s very cool !!! All these years, I deliberately did not watch a single gameplay video, so as not to spoil the impression.
I really want to play this game !!! I will wait for help. Many thanks

Hi, I faced the same problem in both games. I tried everything, but nothing helped.

I hope there is some way to fix it.

All I can suggest is filing a support ticket as mentioned above. Maybe it’s a firewall issue (either Windows built in or at your modem/router)?

Thanks for the advice. Checked firewall, even tried with shut off - it didn’t help.
noticed a bad sign: i can access via browser (Chrome) to and but can’t go to
Now i don’t know what to do.

All three links are working for me in both Chrome (Version 83.0.4103.61) and Firefox (76.0.1) (both Mac versions, from Toronto). Either it’s a browser extension issue (AdBlock or similar being weird) or something may be blocked further along the route. Do you know how to do a traceroute from the command shell on your PC?

The zendesk site for GBX support will redirect you to the 2K Support form page for BL2 anyway, so you could try accessing that directly:

Thanks you. I already made a request a few hours ago. I will wait for a response from the support service. It seems to me from the automatic response that came right away - the support service has already encountered similar problems. Thanks again!!! I’d like to play.

ps it would be great if there were no such FORCED decisions in the game - like with the SHIFT service - I have been playing games for a long time and this solution is not very good. If it was in the “Network” tab and was not forced, but optional - or was not displayed to the player at all - an example is the network component of the game Rocket League and others. Forgive me if that - this is my opinion, as a player - who really wants to play in Borderlands and go through the whole series of games.

Link above also don’t work i suspect it might be blocked in my country. Well not everything so bad, if game will work in LAN mode it will be enough because me and my friends live in one city so we can make a LAN party and million thanks @VaultHunter101 for help