Shift Display Name?

You were right! The problem is resolved.

I describe the solution and how it came:

  1. Firstly, I very carefully and logically understood that here either the SHiFT add-in itself, or something is blocking the connection on the computer (or router).
  2. The router is clean.
  3. I keep the Firewall turned off in Windows. For many years. But I remembered that I updated Windows updates a couple of three months ago.
  4. I checked - yes the firewall is disconnected. And he was going to just wait again “by the sea of weather”
  5. But I decided to go into the additional settings of the Windows Firewall, where the program sets the rules - for incoming and outgoing connections.
  6. I was not hoping to see anything there. But … I saw! HERE IT IS! PROBLEM! AND DECISION! I found the rules for the Borderlands ban.

The solution to the problem was: to clear all the rules for Borderlands 2 from the additional settings of the Windows Firewall (in my case) - by simply selecting and deleting.

I started the game and everything worked out!

ps Microsoft’s very strange policy of pseudo-firewalling. I understand that this can be done more forcefully. but normal shutdown does not shut off its operation.

I hope I helped someone else, besides myself. All good health and good game. And I went to play!


So I have never played borderlands 2 prior to buying the steam bundle. I start the game and it asks for a display name. I type one in and, There was an internal error setting the display name. So I go on to the shift website and create a shift account. I go back into the game and try to put the name I chose for the shift account, same thing. I’m at a loss now.


I can’t play because of this error" [There was an internal error setting the display name]"

Moved you to the right spot. I’ve seen several posts with this error for both BL2 (PC steam/epic) and BL3 (same). Let me see if I can dig up a relevant thread.

OK Merged you into a relevant thread. A few things to try:

  1. Make sure that you’re not signed in to shift from a different launcher at the same time eg. sign out and quit Steam if you want to use Epic

  2. Make sure that lsass.exe is not being blocked by your Windows Firewall settings

  3. Make sure that Borderlands2.exe is allowed to connect to the internet in Windows Firewall additional settings. (Link)

If none of that works, there’s a link to support included in a couple of the posts up-thread.

Hey guys, I got this game on Epic store and I too had the same problem but now its resolved! That’s why i am posting my cure here:

Just as @Karavadjio mentioned, it was mostly tied to Firewall!

I have quickheal AV so initially i couldn’t even see Borderlands 2 mentioned in Windows Firewall. So, first i Disabled Quickheal Firewall. Then as vaultboy suggested, I found Borderlands2 and Allowed its access + its Launcher access in Normal Rules (Files are in C:\Program Files\ EpicGames\Borderlands2\Binaries\Win32)
Next, in advanced settings, i allowed the same files in Inbound and Outbound Rules. (In Windows Firewall and Advanced Security) (Borderlands2 was in the inbound list already and was blocked from connecting!)

Now i Turned Quickheal Firewall Back On. Also added same two files in its Firewall Exception too.

However, i noticed, quickheal had already quarantined the Borderlands2.exe file. So i restored it and Added the whole Epic Games folder to quickheal Virus Exclusion List as well.

Finally i did logout of Shift on Browser and made sure Steam is not running, not even in task manager.

P.S. I only today, made an ID on Shift and verified email address and put in other details as well just to be safe.

Hope this works for you^^

Всем привет. Я так же столкнулся с этой проблемой и быстро нашел решение) Все что я сделал, это изменил имя в стиме (которое отображается в игре) и поставил это же име в SHIFT. И все сразу заработало. Рад буду, если кому-то так же поможет)

i fix wait i launched in offline my internet and see i can play than cloes game and enter game wait online

can u explain me in details
we can add each other in discord
plz contact me i am crying

im having the same problem as everyone else. i play on steam, ive tried signing out of epic games, and also have tried to allow the windows firewall, but so far nothing has worked. i really just wanna play bl2 again.

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I just fixed this issue on the Steam version. I had to allow Borderlands2.exe and Launcher.exe in the steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32, and lsass.exe in windows\system32 and then it worked.

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