SHiFT Extended Maintenance - 10/22/15

[quote]Gearbox’s SHiFT services will be brought down for extended maintenance on Thursday, October 22 in preparation for Battleborn’s upcoming Closed Technical Tests.

The maintenance is scheduled to begin at 9:30AM CST and is expected to last up to 12 hours. Keep an eye on this knowledge base article or @SHiFTStatus on Twitter for updates.

During this time, SHiFT Code redemption, hot fixes, and other SHiFT-related functions will not be available. When SHiFT services come back online, LootTheWorld will shut down. and will also be unavailable during maintenance.

For help or support with Gearbox Software games or SHiFT, visit[/quote]

What is “LootTheWorld”?

LootTheWorld is/was a Borderlands 2 companion mobile app that allowed users to scan real-world barcodes to generate loot that you could then send in to your game.

It was only available in the U.S. during its lifetime.

I wish I new about something like that before!

Maintenance has begun.


Excuse my stupid question but i cant fiende anything that says if i ben accepted for battleborn beta or not. Can you help me?

Hi @clearEAS,

We’ve haven’t announced that quite yet. Stay tuned! :smile:

Okok ait☺ then i will be.thanks

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Maintenance has completed ahead of schedule. All SHiFT services should be back online!