SHiFT/External Customizations

My BAR went apesh*t, so I deleted my profile. Now I am sans my SHiFT-unlocked customizations. Do they all drop in-game? If so, I am willing to farm them. I presume it’s frowned upon to ask for gibbed codes even in a case like this.

On a similar note, I never received my Poker Night 2 customizations (which is the reason I owned and played that game). How do I trigger those to unlock? Poker Night 2 told me I had unlocked them.

You should be able to input the codes in this thread.

SHiFT codes are a 1-time thing. I may have lost the items from my Profile.bin but the SHiFT servers still know that I redeemed the codes for the customizations. I need to find another source of the items.

The Assault on Dragon Keep Shift heads/skins were added as rare drops in the DLC - try getting to Ancient Dragons and then just farming the living daylights out of the dice chests there.

The Community Day heads and skins are extremely rare world drops. Best bet seems to be to smash as many poop piles as possible.

Not sure about the other code-specific rewards, but you could work your way through the last couple of update patch notes.

What happened to your BAR - did you get hit with the slag-licked glitch?

Is there someone who hasn’t? Apparently I’ve done millions of negatives damages with slag, not to mention fire. Seems to trigger every few days on a whole load of different characters. I just wanted to reset my investments so I don’t need to think about whether it’s on or off.

Thanks for letting me know, I was heartbroken to lose my Spin the Cylinder head.

The slag-licked glitch, and the others where the numbers roll over into the negatives, fixes itself after doing enough slag (or whichever element) damage again.

Along with giving you BAR several times over, I’ve noticed.

Me, so far (taps noggin for good luck). I’m not sure why it happens, so I’m not sure what I’m doing that has successfully avoided the glitch.

It hasn’t happened to me either, but I did have an Axton where the Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all challenge glitched and started over.

Nor me, though some times I wouldn’t mind if it decided to.

wouldn’t have to farm BAR anymore :smile: , then I decide that would take a lot of fun out of the game :wink: